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Effexor XR & Cold Turkey

I've been taking Effexor XR (75mg daily) for about two to three years, and I have resigned to quit cold turkey. I don't like what it's doing to me, I can't afford it (my insurance doesn't cover prescriptions) and my doctor refuses to give me any guidance in the matter and I can't reach her any way, despite repeated attempts. I am aware this is ill advised and that I should be weaned off, but as I said, this is how it will be done. Can anyone offer me any advice?
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dude, it's hard. i'm not gonna lie.  but do as you please.....better that you wean off over like a 2 month period.
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I advise against quitting the Effexor cold turkey...you will be doing more harm than good.  I would be even more persistant in trying to get a hold of your Dr. and tell them you absolutely need to talk to him/her or even see them.  If your insurance doesn't cover the meds, ask your Dr. to give you samples to help with the weaning process.  But please, do not quit cold turkey!!

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i was on it for a year (75mg as well). i quit taking it and never had any problems. i hear all these stories about people having withdrawls and stuff but i didnt get anything like that, there were even days i would forget to take it and it was no big deal. yet, i believe it didnt work for me. i didnt have panic attacks anymore but i still had anxiety. it was so expensive and made me gain weight
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