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Effexor Xr

Doc - I am a male, 6'0'', 265lbs, 35 years old.

I was diagnosed with panic disorder about 8 years ago. I tried paxil for alittle while, hated the side effects. Then tried wellbutrium, the side effects were gone, but the panic was back. I switched to lexapro (10mg), It worked for the panic, but agian i didnt like the side effects, I was on it for a few years and gained alot of weight, was lethagic, unemotional, and easly angered. I went of it in Feb. I was given Xanax to take for panic flair ups. Got through the withdrawal fairly well. Was doing really well, even had a hard test when I fell and broke both my elbows. (One required surgery). I only took a few of the Xanax up to this point, as I had a few minor panic episodes.

Then about a month ago, things got shaky here at work.I went into immediate panic attacks, with high levels of anxiety. My PD gave me 75mg of Effexor. He said take that for a week then bump up to 150mg. First few days the Effexor seemed good, no real side effects, a little dizzy, not bad. Its been a week. Past few nights I wake up alot, feel restless. I am very nauseous after taking the Effexor. I'm taking it in the morning 6am, after eating a piece of toast. I am extremly anxious and edge until about 10-11 am. I was hoping to stay on the 75mg and see if it helped the anxiety w/o upping it to 150. I see my PD tommorrow to discuss with him. I was going to ask about using kolnopin at night instead of the xanax. The xanax helps me sleep, but I still wake up with the anxiety until mid morning. Ive heard the kolnopin stays in the system longer. Thought it may take of the morning edge. Its hard to take the Xanax in the morning because I feel very sedated on it.

My goal is to starting seeing a therapist and learn some techniques to deal with the anxiety. I hope to be ride of the AD meds all together one day. What are your recommedations?
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Hi, just to let you know, this is the patient to patient forum.  I, myself, took effexor xr for a little while and it actually increased my anxiety.  But everyone responds differently.  What is a godsend for some is hell for others.  I think you should definitely talk to your Dr. about switching to klonopin.  Speaking from personal experience, it has made me more of a normal person again.  I take it twice a day, everyday.  I hope he lets you try it.  It may really help you.  I wish you the best.  Carol
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Thanks, I realized that after I posted it. I hear many good things about klonopin! I am going to see my MD in a few. I am going to take to him about kolonpin and seeing a therapist of some sort. Thanks for the feedback!
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