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Effexor for anxiety/depression

I've been taking Effexor 75mg/day for a week now.  I've had the strangest reactions to it, I've been extremely tired, like I want to stay in bed all the time (This is strange because normally I am never tired).  I've been on the verge of nausea a lot.   And I've had this weird feeling in the back of my throat coupled with a clenching in my jaw that is almost unbearable.  I wake up feeling ok, but now it is time to take my meds again & the fun begins.  Also, tomorrow I am supposed to double my dosage to 150 mg.  
Has anyone had symptoms like these and have they made them through them?
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Sedation is common at first, it might not go away completely but it usually eases.  Can't say about the others.  This med is usually very stimulating, so watch to see if your anxiety increases -- this might explain the jaw clenching, but that is also common with many antidepressants.  Sometimes taking magnesium (don't take it at the same time as you take the medication) can help, as these meds interfere with the absorption of magnesium, which is responsible for relaxing the muscles, among other things.
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This is counter-intuitive, but the raise in dosage may be exactly what you need.  Try that for a week and see how you feel.  Also, if you are taking it in the morning, ask if it's okay to switch to bedtime, so that you sleep through the worst of the side effects.
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