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I just started the Effexor starter pack today and was wondering what people think of it.  I had previously been on Lexapro 20mg but I was still having panic attacks and generalized anxiety.  I also have PVCs which is annoying in itself and causes anxiety.  The only thing I have noticed is I am a little more tired today.  I do feel calmer and so far have not had a panic attack, though day is not over yet!  Has anyone else had a good experience with effexor?  Any pointers?
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I never have taken effexor but my bf was on it when we started dating a million yrs ago.  He seemed to like it a lot and hated to stop taking it but I did not like where his sex drive was while he was on it and asked him to stop taking it.  You really have to be careful starting and stopping it.  I hope it works out well for you!  I too take Lexapro (20mg) and still have loads of anxiety!  I went to the dr. today and he added Buspar to my Lexapro, saying that they compliment each other very well and that I should see better results using the two.  The good thing for me is I have taken them each ind. and some point and did not suffer side effects on either.  If you do suffer side effects on your current med. it may be something to keep in the back of your mind.  Good Luck!
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i took effexor for a few years. if you forget to take your pill or try to stop it will give you horrible withdrawls. please take it everyday!i would get these "zaps" in my head that were horrible if i didnt take it. however it helped with my depression.
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Ive been on Effexor 75mg for 5 months now its been working great for me until recently, ive been really depressed again, crying at everything feeling like a complete looser ect. Any ideas or opinions on what i should do? I called the dr but no response. Slowly going stircrazy here.
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I took Effexor which worked very well for me - I switched from cymbalta to it due to cymbalta having negative affects to the liver. I preferred cymbalta but effector was ok.. However due to the heart issues I have I had to switch to paxil ... Which works nowhere near as well as Effexor or cymbalta :( consider yourself lucky u can be on this drug - I hope it works for you as well as it did for me :-) good luck!
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