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Egg Donation?

I am a healthy 21-year-old. My family had no history of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, or anything of that sort. However, I was born with eczema and asthma, which has subsided with age. Also, I was recently put on Zoloft for mild anxiety due to traumatic events in my life. Otherwise, I have no other medical problems.

Am I still qualified to donate my eggs? I really need to make some extra money so I can continue to put myself through school.

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In the first place donating eggs is not quite as easy as you think, and it definitely takes a toll on your health. You should study the subject completely before making such a decision. I should think there is a moderate chance of passing on eczema and asthma.
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I don't think it's easy at all, thanks. I have many friends who have done it and say that it's completely worth it. Thanks for you input though...
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