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Emetophobia and social anxiety suggestions?

Hi everybody. I have suffered from SEVERE emetophobia and social anxiety for about four years now. My biggest fear is vomiting and/or having a panic attack in front of my friends or people that know me. In the beginning, I used to be able to "control" my vomiting, I just felt nauseous and anxious when being social, but now it is at the point where every time I do something social I will vomit. I have been on 100 mg of Pristiq for almost 6 months now, and it has helped somewhat. What ***** the most is my relationship with my best friend-I absolutely adore her and would love to spend every second of my day with her. However, I feel so anxious around her because i'm scared I will vomit/have a panic attack. She was very understanding in the beginning, but it's been rough-how can you be best friends with someone you seldomly see because of anxiety? It absolutely is breaking my heart that I can't see her, because I want to sooooooooooooo bad...but i can barely do it... I know I could stop being friends with her, but 1) She is worth it to me, and 2) I don't want to let anxiety ruin my friendship. Any suggestions? Please help me.
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I honestly believe the only way you are going to overcome these issues is to hook up with a psychiatrists and figure out what the root cause in behind them and deal with it.
I wish you the best

I'm not sure that "hook up" with a p-doc is exactly what I meant. Doesn't that have an entirely different meaning these days? Well, you know what I meant.
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i have been suffering horribly with this phobia for over 10 years . I will do anything in my power not to throw up . when I have a panic attack . . which is about everyday , I shake , get really hot and freak out . it can last several hours . I am terrified . meds dont help and I need someone to talk to please let me know if you have any advice
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Hi I have been dealing with this for about ten years as well but for three of them I was able to stop completely until I recently started dating a guy who I’m in love with now and have the same fear as you. I don’t want him to see me throw up but I talked to him and explained it and he supports me and doesn’t care if I go throw up. And that’s part of how I am able to control it. No one is going to care you throw up. Think to yourself if I have to throw up I go to the bathroom puke freshen up my breathe and continue on with my day. That mindset lead me to stop throwing up all together. I thought throwing up was the only way to stop the panic attack. I use to carry a plastic bag with me for situations or places where the bathroom was unavailable and that helped me too because I could just say I had a stomach ache or something. But I realized that throwing up happens and people won’t care and if you have to you could just go to the bathroom. Having an escape route in mind easing the mind and eventually you’ll stop worrying about it because there’s a solution I hope I helped you a little it’s not an easy battle and for some of these years it took over my life but I’m not gonna let it anymore because life’s too short to worry and not do the things you want to. Go see your friend! I believe in you
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