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Emotional Overreacting

I frequently overreact to situations that don't warrant that kind of reaction. It can be uncontrollable crying or crying with screaming and yelling. I am on Cymbalta and Brintellix. I have Klonopin as needed. Is the Klonopin an appropriate/effective drug to prevent these overreactions?
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I take klonopin as needed for anxiety only. When I'm having a bad day/panicky day, I'll take one or two.

Were you diagnosed with anxiety? Or any other mental illness?
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I have depression, borderline mood disorder, and anxiety (maybe). Still not clear about anxiety. That's what I think the overreacting and crying is and why I want to know if klopopin is an appropriate treatment for it. I do not feel anxious or have panic attacks. Thank you for commenting.
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If you're not suffering from anxiety then I wouldn't be in any rush to get involved with a med as difficult to manage as any benzo, including klonopin.  
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