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Essential Tremors

I have essesential tremors and take medication (Propranolol SA -160mg) for them. I also take Clonazepam - 0.5mg for anxiety and Prozac - 20mg to help with my nervousness and anxiety. These medications do help, but I have noticed over the past year that my shaky head syndrome and my shaky legs while driving has gotten worse. It is getting to the point that I am barely able to drive, and I have noticed that my head is shaking more than it used to. Is there anything else I can do or any other medication I could take to help me so I can continue to drive? It also bothers me when people ask me if I have Parkinson's disease because they notice my head shaking. I am soooo self conscious of it.
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Have you talked to your doctor about this?  We are not doctors in this forum, so I couldn't give that great of advice concerning the tremors.  But as far as the anxiety and your self conciousness of the condition, have/do you talk to a therapist about it?  Sometimes getting this off our chest can work wonders in helping with the stress...keep us posted!
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Sounds like you need to re-evaluate your med options with your doc.  There are different meds out there that could help....also, are you in therapy?  There are exercises that can sometimes minimize the tremors.

I'd say make an appt with your doc for a face to face to discuss this!
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