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Estrogen levels? Panic attacks?

Hey everyone, I guess I am just desperate at this point.  I suffer from migraines and lately I been getting night sweats I wake up soaked.  I been on zoloft and recently decrerased the dosage I feel like I need something to help me out more and I think it's been making me depressed.  I take it for panic attacks.  I heard low estrogen levels can cause migraines, anxiety and night sweats.  Do they do check this in a regular blood test?  I'm not sure I have ever had this checked out.  I had everything else checked...I am just so fed up with this I don't nkow what to do anymore.  What medications has anyone been on to help them with this?  
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I am 33 years old w/extremely low levels of estrogen, not sure what the correlation is but I tried to do a low dose of estrogen and it didn't help so I went off of it. I know that stress and anxiety can decrease your levels of estrogen, progesterone, etc. So which came first, the chicken or the egg?
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Hmmmm I don't know anymore?  What could this be I get migraines, anxiety and soaken sweats at night lately.  What I don't uflly underdstand is how estrogen can control all of this?  I don't think I ever had this checked.  Did you have yours checked and it was low?
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I did a saliva horomone panel, they say saliva is better than blood for horomones and it has to be done mid cycle when you should be at your peak. Ask your gyno or gm, they should be able to order it. Mine was 31, I should be in the 200's for a woman of my age.
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Oh wow interesting.  I should check this out and what did they do for you to help?
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In my opinion, to get a definitive answer re: hormone levels, go see you gyne and ask him/her to draw a FSH blood test.  That will determine if any of the hot flashes are from perimenopause, menopause, or something else.
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Well I sure hope it's not menopause i'm only 26 lol
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