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Evening anxiety

I tend to get anxiety in the evening, but I don't know what causes it. I do am recovering from an eating disorder, so maybe that has something to do with it, but I don't see a link between my thoughts and the anxiety. I also have struggled with anxiety before the eating disorder, but never this kind of anxiety and never without cause. SOmetimes it is so bad I just get this intense feeling something is off in the world. That I might be here al allone and the world may all be in my head. Like I might have made everything up. I do also sometimes get this feeling like it is not safe to go back to how I was feeling in my life before the ED. It is really hard to explain this all in words. It is just this base feeling of unsafety. "Unheimlich" may be the best word. Like the atmosphere of a psychiological thriller. Anyone who recognizes this? Not knowing what is going on is the worst thing about it.

Then there is also something else I feel ashamed about. But recently I also came across spirituality and spiritual awakening. And sometimes I think, maybe I have to go through this fear to get to some kind of higher awareness.. I don't really dare to tell people cause I am afraid they will laugh or say that I am causing my own anxiety in this way or that I am going mad.

Anyone on a spiritual path who also encounters anxiety? Or is it just my way to want to find a meaning to all of this?
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Hi, I have for many years dealt with anxiety. I think each day you overcome anxiety is a win and it’s best to take things one day at a time. That’s been my
spiritual take or at least formula to live my best life. If you find yourself anxious at night it may be because of your anxiety of the following day. Too much idle time at night before going to sleep may not help. Some people have anxiety in the am like myself but we are all different. Hope this helps.
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