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Everyone check this out

Does anyone have symptoms that are always there and never go away??
List all your symptoms below, help everyone get a better understanding...write down all you symptoms and if there are constant put (persistent) next to it...

1.Feeling of unreality like im in a constant dream and everything looks  fake(persistent)
2.Fullness in the head
3.Kinda feel like im floating when i walk, like my body and head seems light
4.Tired no matter how much sleep i get (persistent)
5. headaches
7. constantly think im dying or i have a terrible disease or cancer
8. never feel like my self
9. nervousness

i know i have many more...please help me out even others by putting your symptoms so we dont feel like the only ones with these problems...

thank you!!!

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heres mine
1. tingling of head/ears ( persistent when in anxiety)
2. waking up all times of the night ( fall asleep easy but cant stay that way)
3. dont want to eat ( lose weight fast )
4. stomack problems- feel sick every morning (persisent when in anxiety)
5. feel like am out of body not my self (presisent when in anxiety)
6.hot flashes/warm feelings/clammy
7. crying spells/short with others
8. dont want to leave house or do much

   thats what i have maybe a few others but thats the most i have. i dont have anxiety all the time, just when something throws me into it . like health or drugs.. just coming out of anxiety from leavquion meds. hope to stay out a while. hope ya all have a great day and stress free. barbara
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oh i knew i would forget a few .

tired/weak (persisent )
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numbness/ tingling in extremities(persistent)
trouble sleeping(persistent)
bowel movement changes(they have been weird since I came home for the summer but get worse when I have anxiety)
chest pain(persistent)
migraines(almost every day since I was a young child)
vision problems
feeling like I am dying/have undetectable disease(persistent)
stomach nausea after eating
muscle/joint pain
becoming a hypochondriac(i pay attention to all aspects of my health now.)

thats me. i always thought i was alone.
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morning nausea (everyday)
stomach problems
heart palpitations
tingling in face and hands
feeling of dread
don't like to leave the house
surreal feeling (like it isn't me)
short temper
head rushes

Probably more....
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Can I just ditto all of the above lists? It is nice to know that we are not alone and that when people say, "oh no, that can't be anxiety related", we know differently!
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My symptoms seem to change from time to time...like my anxiety morphs and takes on a different form as soon as I think it is under control.
Overall has been hypochondriac problems regarding all these symptoms.
headaches (tension and migraine)
blurry vision
loss of appetite/nausea
tingling of face/arms/legs
muscle twitches
feelings of "blanking out" momentarily
feeling like i am vibrating on the inside when i lie down
chest pain
palpitations (PVC's)
high pulse

I work in healthcare, but going through this has amazed me the mind/body connection and what each can do to the other. But realize, especially those of us with hypochondriac problems, that we can learn to use that fact to our advantage. We can learn to use our mind to shut down what this anxiety does to our body.
I have thought I've had everything under the sun! MS, stroke, heart attack, some kind of heart problem, celiac, colon cancer....I am still having to realize these issues are anxiety.

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