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Everyone check this out

Does anyone have symptoms that are always there and never go away??
List all your symptoms below, help everyone get a better understanding...write down all you symptoms and if there are constant put (persistent) next to it...

1.Feeling of unreality like im in a constant dream and everything looks  fake(persistent)
2.Fullness in the head
3.Kinda feel like im floating when i walk, like my body and head seems light
4.Tired no matter how much sleep i get (persistent)
5. headaches
7. constantly think im dying or i have a terrible disease or cancer
8. never feel like my self
9. nervousness

i know i have many more...please help me out even others by putting your symptoms so we dont feel like the only ones with these problems...

thank you!!!

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I am suggesting few exercises. they are stand-alone exercises. Google one by one and pick up which you like. Learn and practice for a long time.
superbrain yoga
Yoga for beginners.
cold showers.or alternate hot and cold showers.
Google the above and read and evaluate. Wish you best of luck.
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Hi everyone.

I've been experiencing these symptoms for the past 6-7 months or so, here they are:
My head has felt either light headed or felt heavy/sort of filled. Hard to explain (Heavy head feeling has been more recent). My heart has been racing. I sweat excessively at times even when I'm not participating in any form of physical activity. Pain in my chest (not as consistent as it once was) my vision becomes blurry from time to time. I feel as if I don't want to go anywhere or I'm skeptical of doing anything. A few more I may have forgotten.

I have a feeling it may be anxiety, but I just wanted to see if anyone could help me here!
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I am so glad that I'm not alone, cause I've been going crazy with my stupid thinking hahaha okay so here are mine, sorry for my English:
*I always feel like I can't breath, like something is blocking my troath and pushes down on my chest (really often, not all the time tho)
*feeling like my head is floating, like it's really heavy and light at the same time (if that made any sense)
*I get bruises really easy and they won't go away
*I always think I'm going to die whenever I feel something weird happening in my body, like if my muscles tense or if my stomach is randomly aching again  I just prepare for death lol (ALWAYS, PRESISTENT)
*Always expecting a heart attack at any moment while I search on google for my diseas haha
*I ALWAYS have some kind of aching, on my back or my head or my legs or my arms, anywhere (presistent)
*sometimes it's way too cold for me in the next minute it's way too hot
*I'm often shaking or thinking that I'm going to fall (I don't know how I could describe this feeling)
*Feeling weak (presistent)
*Thinking that my ears are bleeding from the inside just cause they feel weird hahaha (very often)
*being tired eventho I got more than enough sleep (presistent)
*having a panic attack at the smallest things
*my hands, fingers and feet feel numb at the slightest things, like when I lay my head on my hands for a couple of minutes they start to feel numb
*I sometimes kinda feel like my veins are hurting or like something is blocking the blood in my veins from the inside (very often)
*feeling sick, like I need to throw up but then I focus on something else and it goes away
*I get itchy often on my arms or on my legs (presistent
*having trouble focusing (presistent)
*whenever I see a scene where the guy/girl in a movie is having a disea (like in grey's anatomy or dr.house and it's really detailed, I start to feel weird and think that I have that too lmao (always)
*when I watch a scene where a doctor is operating (again with the movie things haha) I just get this weird feeling in my body to the point where it's so unconfortable to watch that I start to panic again (And I wanted to become a doctor HA lol no, always.)
*whenever I try to force myself to sleep cause it's late or I don't feel good, I often panic again
Yeah well that's about it, I can't really think of anything else right now but I think that's long enough hahaha is anybody else thinking the same things as I do? Or am I just really weird alone? Hahaha
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Your not alone we have a lot in common.
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Hi Guys,

I felt like I was the only one that had these symptoms. Mine are as follows

1. Feeling as though I am going to die from a heart attack or stroke.
2. heart palpitations
3. seeing floaters
4. feeling like something is pressing against my chest.
5. Sudden hot flash, just on head and shoulders and it goes through the rest of my body.
6. Constant yawning (regardless of how much sleep I have gotten).
7. Slight ringing in ear (usually brings on other symptoms).

I used to smoke and drink way too much caffeine but I quit both of those cold turkey almost 2 months ago, when my problems first started. It started at work and I almost passed out and when to the ER. Then I quit smoking and drinking caffeine, thinking that was the root of my problems. Now I cannot even hear bad news, as it starts out this pattern of problems. I am only 30 years old and the doctors think that I am some crazy hypochondriac but it does feel good to know that there are some other people who feel like me. What are some of the ways that you guys calm down from anxiety without medication?
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This was such a help along with the other forums I've been reading lately. I to am an Hypochondriac. Having anxiety triggers all these negative thoughts which causes more anxiety. One day I had Diarriah because of junk food from the previous day. The next day my hypochondriac started. I googled and start reading all these possibilities of having a diesase. Which triggered my anxiety. That night I had cold sweat in my sleep which was cause by anxiety from stressing that whole day. Every since then the hypochandriac got worse I started googling why that was happening which caused more anxiety. The thing is the diseases it said I had wasn't adding up to my true symptoms. I realize that everything I was going throught was Anxiety. Ppl have to realize that they cannot google physical symptoms. But ways to get through their anxiety. Google can literally cause panic attacks and even worse. A bad life from having all these bad thoughts. I still suffer from thinking I have something bad but in reality we have to snap into reality. Ask ourselves is this thought positive or negative. I'm still trying to get through it but with support and prayer we WILL get through it. Having anxiety is a mind thing. Don't google !! Instead read forums like this. You will notice that it helps. God bless! I know how hard anxiety is. Its worse then anything because it can effect your whole life . Stay positive and tell the negative thoughts to GO AWAY.
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My symptoms seem to change from time to time...like my anxiety morphs and takes on a different form as soon as I think it is under control.
Overall has been hypochondriac problems regarding all these symptoms.
headaches (tension and migraine)
blurry vision
loss of appetite/nausea
tingling of face/arms/legs
muscle twitches
feelings of "blanking out" momentarily
feeling like i am vibrating on the inside when i lie down
chest pain
palpitations (PVC's)
high pulse

I work in healthcare, but going through this has amazed me the mind/body connection and what each can do to the other. But realize, especially those of us with hypochondriac problems, that we can learn to use that fact to our advantage. We can learn to use our mind to shut down what this anxiety does to our body.
I have thought I've had everything under the sun! MS, stroke, heart attack, some kind of heart problem, celiac, colon cancer....I am still having to realize these issues are anxiety.

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Besides having hundreds of classic panic attacks throughout the last 7 years I too have constant daily symptoms!  Here they are:

Shakes and Tremors muscle twitching (hands constantly, random patterns throughout body)
Tingling/Vibrations (feet CONSTANTLY, hands forearms calves lips tounge sporadically)
Tingling Internally (inside body cavity)
Heart pounding (without excelleration in heart rate)
Rapid pounding heart rate
Extra Heart Beats (daily number and severity fluctuates)
Cold extremities
Hot flashes (full body)
Visual Disturbances
Emotional/Mood swings
Insomnia (either can't fall asleep, mind won't shut up, or can't stay asleep)
Hypochondriac, obsessed with the feeling that I am dying or that my death is eminent

I too have worried about MANY diseases:  Heart Disease, Hyperthyroidism, Hypoglycemica, MS, esophogeal cancer, colon cancer, POTS, Autonomic Neuropathy, Anyurism, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Leukemia, Lymphoma, and AIDS.  All of these have either been ruled out through medical tests or disregarded by my doctors.  I have been told constantly that it's all anxiety related.  Thank you nellynell for opening this thread, as it has been a much need reality check in my battle with anxiety!  Hope you all felt well today!

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Hi, here are mine :)

1. sharp pains in chest (comes and goes)
2. numbness in limbs (comes with chest pains)
3. fullness in head (comes and goes)
4. feel like my pulse is racing
5. constant pressure on my chest, like I can't breath
6. feel like I am on the verge of a heart attack
7. feel like i have a terminal illness that no one can find
8. weight loss...and refusal to take SSRI's because of weight gain
9. can't travel because I'm afraid that I'll have a heart attack and won't be able to get to a hospital.
10. can't go to the gym, because I"m afraid to work out.

and the best one....symptoms of cyberchondria, where I constantly look symptoms up on the internet and get a million disease results...or that everyone I speak to, especially on this websites forum "heart disease" think that they are a doctor....or that someone can diagnose you through the internet.
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haha i am so glad i am not alone in my hypochondriac issues....Cori I forgot I was convinced of the POTS too..it seemed to explain EVERYTHING! Yes and cyberchondria is also an issue...worst of all...I am a nurse and I know waaaay too much and read into everything like crazy!
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Here are mine:

1.  Early morning Body Shaking
2.  Sweaty Palms/Feet
3.  Hands Trembling
4.  Feet Buzzing (also internal buzzing)
5.  Racing Heart
6.  Blood Pressure Spikes
7.  Insomnia (at times)
8.  Fear of Flying (not that the plane will crash -- just that I'm trapped)
9.  Nervousness
10.  Fear of having a stroke
11.  Muscle Tension

I've had others too, like loss of appetite and diarrhea -- but these have lessened.  It is so true what "daughterofsarah" said above in relation to the mind.  It is very powerful and can give us these symptoms by just thinking of them.  I try to counter my negative thinking with positive affirmations.
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2.Worried of dieing of a serious disease , CANCER...
5. Heart Races
6.  Always thinking something is going to happen to me
7. Mood swings
8. I cry out of the blue
9.  Loss of apptetite

I have more  always worried about EVERYTHING  If something is wrong with me I think of the worst.
Talking to everyone here my ANXIETY seems better. You ALL are very supportive..
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Check out the "Fibromyalgia" site.  People state the same symptoms there as here.  Also check out info on Borderline Personality Disorder.  I have all the symptoms described above and the Fibro and BPD fit me to a tee.  I hope this is helpful.  
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Hi -
Here is my list -

1. Nervousness
2. Palp's
3. Tachycardia
4. Worry I am about to die when any of my symptoms start by a heart attack, etc..
5. Edgy
6. lightheaded(at times)
7. Cry out of the blue - different times of the month!
I too could probably cut and paste some of the symptoms on everyone's list for my own list

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If you do not mind me asking, how high does your heart rate get?
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no, i don't mind - it usually never gets over 120- when i say tachy- i mean for me that is anywhere between the 90's and low 100's and I am aware of it beating faster.  I had a 10 day holter monitor, echo and stress test - passed them all and found out i have MVP, and that my pvc's/palp's are benign.  I am a nurse and I just know too much and worry too much with any little symptom that I get.  Do you have any info for me or know how to slow it down?
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Glad I'm not the only nurse dealing with this!
I run tachy too, between 90-120. I have also just gone through a full cardiac work-up and everything is fine.
I know that my psychiatrist did mention to me some meds that were not necessarily anxiety meds, but ones rather that slowed down heart rate and helped with shakiness... for me, due to the side effects of them they were not options for me.
The high heart rate is annoying and worrisome at times, but it's not dangerous to have.
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Even though it is a complete drag having to deal w/all of this, it is so comforting and also helps w/the anxiety of it all, to know that others are in the same boat!  
I have been through counseling in the past and it helped me deal w/a lot of things, and I think that there is a lot going on again in my life that makes me tune into these symptoms again.  My family doctor gave me a script for .25 mg of Xanax and it has helped, but after reading some of the posts out there, I am a little anxious to take it here and there for fear that is making things worse.  What were some of the meds to help w/slowing the heart rate and shakiness?  I also seem to be waking between 2-4a and feeling an internal (i describe it as) "bubbling - like a fluttery" feeling in my stomach/chest and then I jolt awake, get tachy and immediately take my HR, (I also have an automatic BP cuff) i take my BP and it is usually 100/60 or slightly lower and my HR is in the high 80's - 90's. So there is nothing really bad happening -  I don't get it!  I used to work nights and now i work days after 14 years or so and i don't know if it is an automatic response to my body "thinking" it should be awake.  Who knows!  
sorry for such a book about me!!  Just thought I would share this, in case there is anything you know or could suggest!
take care!
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He mentioned Inderal...not sure that is spelled right....
Just something that stood out to me...I see a massage therapist who used to suffer with anxiety. She found out after years by way of a Naturopathic Dr. that her Melatonin levels were way off and that was the cause...could that relate at all to you with the change in your hours and you being used to being up at night and awake during the day?  I don't know much about this...and this lady was a little waaaay into the alternative stuff...but who knows?
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You guys have so many that I have, I thought I was the only one who had some of these.  
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OMG- that is exactly what I was considering- I have melatonin tabs in my cabinet, and infrequently took them to help me sleep!  I thought maybe it had something to do w/my serotonin levels too.  Thank you for the suggestion- i think i might see a nutritionist to see if they can help me w/vitamins and stuff.  I take vit. supple's now, but I have to do more research on this melatonin thing.  Thank you.  
I did try inderal years ago, and because my bp is so low, it really made me feel like i was "walking on egg shells"
I was desperately considering  taking benadryl on a trial basis! (i have sinus problems, so i thought it couldn't hurt!)
I also just read on another site, that the bubbly feeling I  have in the middle of the night could be d/t my GERD (i have a hiatel hernia) so, I may try taking an antiacid before bed (and a melatonin) and see if I am a brand new person when i get up!! LOL!
Thanks again daughterofsarah77!!
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Isn't a nice feeling (and it definitely decreases the anxiety) to know you aren't alone w/these symptoms?!
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That was why I didn't take up the offer of the Inderal...my BP is already low too, so no way was I going to mess with that!
The only thing my cardiologist mentioned was perhaps a slight vasovego (prob spelled wrong-I don't WORK in cardiology : ) tendency, since I have the low BP and am slender. This was brought up because I asked about POTS, which he said I do not have. But I get light-headed and dizzy, and that was a problem before the anxiety/panick attacks. I'm curious myself about Melatonin's role...I used to be a night owl, and I actually really do not get that much sunlight (because being in it makes me feel light-headed and nausea)...so when the lady mentioned that I thought maybe it had some merit. I can't afford to see a Naturopath, and if I ask my regular dr. about it he will really think I'm whacked....I've run out of tests to ask for!
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I self-medicated with the Benadryl for quite awhile to put myself to sleep...also used it through some period to down my anxiety. But I believe it may have turned on me and caused some anxiety though after awhile. Who knows?
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Thanks again for the information/suggestions!   I really can't afford a Naturopath either - I may go to this one health food store around here that has a registered dietician who works there and gives advice!  
Maybe my problem is a vaso-vagel response too, since i am on the slender side- and have a low b/p- I never realized that one either!  
I will let you know what happens w/the melatonin and/or benadryl!
I know what you mean about the benadryl too- I would feel too relaxed (if there is such a thing) and then get anxiety over that!

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