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Experiencing Anxiety attacks for first time!

Hi there, another member suggested I start a new thread to discuss what has happened to me over the last few days. So here I go. First off I'm male, 32 years old.

On Friday, after work, out-of-the-blue I experienced my first ever Anxiety Attack... it was raining outside and all of I sudden I was scared of the rain, and I was thinking to myself "Why am I scared of the rain?? This is not normal!", this sensation followed by just an overbearing nervousness (anxiety), I asked my wife to take me to the drug store to check my blood pressure... both were "high" (160/90), I'm normally (120/70). My pulse was pretty normal as usual (low - 60'ish). So we took off to the Hospital Emergency (I felt a strong urge to cry for no reason at check-in - I did), got an ECG (normal), blood-work (came back normal), and a crisis counsellor sat down with me for nearly an hour to discuss everything from child-hood to the recent symptoms They prescribed Ativan 0.5mg and I went home, this helped, I slept fine that night. They said to come back if it happens again.

It happened again on Sunday (1.5 days later), out of nowhere again!, in the car.... on my way to our 1-year anniversary excursion in fact. We had to turn around and go back to the Emerg, this time there was a different counsellor person and he seemed more keen - he suspected I have a general anxiety disorder. He referred me to some kind of group anxiety sessions and a Psychiatrist (few weeks from now)... so waiting on those.

Last major attack was Monday, 1-day later... during my anniversary dinner! We had to leave pretty abruptly. I had to cry hard for no reason in the car.

When the attacks happen, I feel a hot flash first (rush of blood, head feels hot), then some sweat (under-arms, hands, feet), and feelings of despair, dread, sadness, anxiety, nervousness, all for no reason that I can think of. It is a royal pain-in-arse.

The attacks seem to be getting more frequent but maybe less severe (because I understand what is happening now?). There seems to be less time now that I'm feeling "myself", right now I feel pretty good.

I have been dealing with an ulcer also, but stopped taking the drug just in case, I don't have ulcer symptoms lately anyway.

I'm not interested in dealing with this for long-term, my wife and are changing everything: improved diet and nutrition, increased exercise, relaxing environment, herbal teas (for stress and anxiety). I have a history of low B12 so I'm taking a B-complex vitamins now. We also bought some lavender scented oil and bag for baths and general purpose. She also bought something else that is supposed to be effective herbal alternative to standard prescription medication (I forget the name, sorry)... I'm going to take it at least until the Psychiatrist says otherwise, but I'm not keen on taking prescription drugs.

Thank you for listening to my story, would appreciate any advice.


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It does sound like what you're having are anxiety attacks. I've had many of them and I have the same symptoms you're describing.
I have read that being low on certain vitamins can cause anxiety, especially the B vitamins. I would recommend buying a really good mulit vitamin. Not from your drug store but, maybe from your Chiropractor if you have one. Even if you don't you can stop in at anyone and they will help you find the best one for you.
Have you been under a lot of stress lately? Think hard. Any stress at work, home, family problems?
I think counseling is a great idea. Try to hang in there until you can see the Psychiatrist. Know that you are fine and have been checked and this is anxiety.
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Sorry to hear this! I've been having these attacks for 6 years now. I used to think I was dying all the time and it really took a lot of enjoyment out of life for me. After I had my twins and was weaning them (a little over a year ago)I had one in the presence of my mom and she knew right away what it was. I had never told anyone that I had these until that time, I just suffered in silence. It's nice to know i'm not "dying" all the time, but it still feels like it when I have the attacks. Luckily I have found out a few physical symptoms that have been the root of the attacks and they only happen a couple times a month now. It'd still be nice if they didn't happen at all though! The ulcer or the vitamin deficiency could very well be the culprit for the attacks, taking care of those can help. I've also noticed if I eat right and exercise the attacks happen less often as well. It's hard to get out of your own head and stop worrying and i'm sure that doesn't help the attacks either! Maybe the counseling and talking with other people and learning their coping mechanisms will help as well. Reading posts in this forum helps me to realize I am not quite as abnormal as I feel about these. Its hard to talk to someone who hasnt experienced an attack about them. Good luck and please share anything that you find to help you through this.
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Thanks, I started taking a B-Complex vit immediately after this happened.

It's been 5 days since I had an attack and each day has gotten better (less mini attacks in my mind)... I don't know what to attribute this to.
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I can't believe you would live with it and not tell anyone, that seems awfully foolish (sorry but true).

Thanks for the advice, I will look into the ulcer being a possibility and as mentioned I'm taking the B-complex now.

Take care.
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