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Extreme Anxiety and intrusive thoughts Hocd?

Hi guys I'm looking for help on intrusive thoughts and anxiety it's driving me crazy and I don't think I can cope anymore. I am a 25 year old female and as long as I can remember have been a worrier I remember as a child if I seen anything on the news that could possibly happen I wouldn't sleep at night for weeks worrying. But in the past three years it's gotten significantly worse I always had anxiety and have suffered from brief panic attacks too.

However three years ago I was simply out walking my dog when I was thinking about my little sister visiting for a sleepover which I thought would be a distraction for my anxiety having someone over.I suddenly had this awful awful thought about what if I kill her in her sleep? It didn't stop for days and days then eventually I stayed up the whole night worrying afraid I would smother her in my sleep. I am also a big animal lover but I seen a video on Facebook of a man punching a dog in the throat my stomach was sick replaying this over and over again I would leave my dog in the opposite room and not have her sit next to me In case I lost control and did that to her I also had thoughts of what if I stab myself I would have to take out knives home alone and tap them close to me to be sure I wouldn't act on it this too went on for weeks.

Aside from all this its the recent one that has been really really bothering me more then I can explain I read something about women turning gay that are married ect a work friend then jokingly made a comment messing saying I was gay I am now transfixed on the thoughts that maybe I am gay even though I have always been attracted to men and my dream is to marry a man these gay thoughts are making me physically sick and my anxiety has hit the roof I am very feminine and have very old fashioned views on gender roles I see certain jobs as men's jobs ect and take great pride in being feminine and a real ladys women being a typical girly girl who wants and needs a man.I have had awful luck with men and never had a long term relationship but that is all I desire in life for as long as I can remember as a child so these thoughts are very distressing but they seem to be lasting the longest I keep checking my attraction to men and women and testing myself but this is making it worse. I have read about ocd hocd and have thought this as a possibility as my father has ocd these thoughts are ruining my life please help
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Calsium, magnesium and zink calms your brain. Exept calsium the rest is hard to get enough of trough food. Zink deficiency dont show trough bloodtest since the organs that uses it sbsorbs it quickly. Women are more likely to have this deficiency because of estrogen. Living with stress heightens your copper levels wich mess with cortisol and adrenalin wich just cause more stress. See copper toxidity. Fix copper toxidity by taking zink and vit c. The balance between copper and zink is important. Especially for mental health and hormone balance. Food that contains zink also contains copper so its hard to correct it. Take zink supplement. Not a multivitamin or multimineral.
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i had been on a high dose of Valium and detox myself just coming on three months now but reading your post could be be like reading some of my own thoughts anxiety shows its self in many,many ways   Maybe try get some therapy also lex pro seems help a lot of people just no I have had some very similar thoughts so your not alone
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Hey guys thanks for your help it's good to know I am not alone I really thought I was going crazy these thoughts have destroyed me both emotionally and physically however I do not want to take medication as I would prefer a natural remedy. I am taking magnesium supplements b complex as I have a b12 deficiency and I am also using flower remedies cherry plum and white chestnut I have also booked to see a therapist this Friday so hopefully this will help its the intrusive thoughts that bother me the most I feel I have lost my identity and who I am being lost in these horrible thoughts that are not me
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