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Eyesight problems and anxiety

Basically I am an anxiety sufferer and ever since September my eye sight has sort of gone weird. I can see absolutely fine and have no blurred vision. But when I look at the wall, it looks pixelated and fuzzy but I can see it fine. Also when I look close enough I feel like I can see rain but I cant. I went and had a full eye examination and everything was absolutely fine. This came on before my anxiety started to take place, what could this be? It just seems to be one symptom after another, I've only just started to recover from weird head sensations and I am still getting random tingles in my fingers and toes. What could this be????? Help pls
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Visual snow. I have same vision issue annoys the life out of me
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I'm still having the same problem as well. I have an appointment next week so I'm going to talk to my doctor about it.. Again.

When you're falling asleep do you get weird sensations in your head that wake you up then you feel like you need to catch your breath?
Or when you close your eyes to go to bed do you see all kinds of shapes and patterns? I feel both...
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The shapes and patterns when u close eyes i think most people get. Cause i asked everyone i know lol " do u see lights when u close eyes to sleep "

But the  other u explain is sleep apnoea and can be dangerous u need a proper sleep study. Ive had two and have mild sleep apnoea myself so i know exactly what you mean
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I feel like I see way more shapes and patterns than I did before.. one time I seen a whole bunch of circles lined up perfectly and It was so weird.

Really?? Should I tell my doctor about that? Guess I should.
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Holy crap i thought i was the only one who seen things when i closed my eyes to go to bed lol its nice to see im not the only one.....my vision is horrible now that i have anxiety i see things on walls at times to and i have to tell myself that its jusy anxiety  and that everything is ok.....
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U may feel u see more than u use to cause u are now hyperaware it happens when u close eyes
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I thought I was too lol

I also see "after images" like when I'm watching tv and I look away I'll still see what's on the tv and it's like in a negative image of whatever was on the tv. Sometimes these floaters and "after images" are so annoying it's all I see. This "after image" thing is something I never noticed before.
When i look at lined paper or when i read a book is when i also notice them ALOT.. and it's hard to focus my eyes...
weird, right?
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I have all that too !! Haha im not alone. Not weird cause i understand what ur saying lol annoys my life.
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I started getting blurry eyes when I was a chronic weed smoker, my 2 cents
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Hey, do u ever get visual snow? Like ever since I've had anxiety I get visual snow but I've had my eyes tested and they were fine
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