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Okay, so I am 19 and I have an anxiety disorder and I've been super stressed out from work related stuff, and personal things as well. I was having a conversation with my mother, then stopped and looked at my phone. Immediately afterwards I had forgotten what we had JUST talked about and couldn't think of it and got REALLY scared. I thought I was losing my mind and I still feel like I'm gonna lose my mind and I'm having an anxiety attack because of it. What could it have been? Is that normal? Should I be freaking out? Please help!!
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I also have anxiety.  And I'm not exactly sure how normal this is,  but it does happen to me now and then.  Are you on any medication that could cause kind of like a short term memory loss? Like I am on klonopin for the anxiety and it works great but does make me seem to forget what I was just thinking or doing sometimes.
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When your mind is busy with anxiety you miss things, just as you would if it were busy thinking up a new recipe.  
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