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Faced with worst nightmare

When I was thirteen I almost died in a car accident and have always been very scared of cars, now twelve years later I accidentally saw a picture of someone who had died in a car accident and it triggered an anxiety in me and I stared my own mortality in the face. Since then I cannot sleep without thinking I am going to die and I have most symptoms of a panic attack. I stay awake till the sun comes up and then I fall asleep. It's ruining my life and my faith has gone with it. Please help.
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Hi, balance in life is essential to make sense of things. Ok you almost died but then there are moments where you were in so much happyness as well. Realize life has its ups and downs and making either a controling aspect will not be productive. Get out of the mind set and focus on things that will enhance your life. Bring out your creative talents. Invent a product. Dont look at life as to what it could be but look at life as what you will make it be.
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Thank you for the comment:) it's not really about me almost dying part, I dealt with that a long time ago. What is getting me down now is the anxiety about not being able to sleep because of the fear of dying in my sleep. I have been put on various medicines which includes fluoxetine, citolapram and escitolopram. I have also tried more natural rememdies like Gaba, melatonin, passion flower and Valerian. None seem to work and I have come to the conclusion that maybe I just need to talk to someone about it.
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But we really dont know what dying is all about. It cant be that bad as all before us have done it. There comes a time in everyones life where the realization that we will die some day but like other things in life we cant control dont dwell on it. Dont think about dying, think about living.
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It's easy to think this way during the day but unfortunately when it's night and I am gripped with anxiety then rational thoughts go out the window. I need people who have experienced this to share their experience and how they get through it.
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