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Fatigue and SSRIs for anxiety

Are there any SSRIs that don't cause fatigue as a side effect? I've been taking Citalopram 40mg (Celexa) for anxiety and it helps wonderfully, but the fatigue is becoming ridiculous.  Have been taking this for several years.  Is it worth talking to my doctor about switching to another medication?

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I was taking lexapro and that made me so sleepy I switched to Celexa which is better. Zoloft also made me very sleepy so I take my drugs at night.. Do you take them in the evening? I think they all have that sort of effect on us.
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I do it at night, thanks.  I guess everyone is different.  
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When Paxil sedated me too much my psychiatrist had me divide the dose into two, so I took the same amount but twice a day.  You might try that.  You could also try learning to meditate -- when I could still focus and do my TM it gave me a lot of energy without having to take things that can make anxious people more anxious.  But you're right, everyone is different -- some people get sedated, some get overstimulated by the same drug.
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Prozac might give you more energy, but is generally not as good for anxiety because of that.  Just something to keep in mind.
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Prozac is good med but weight gain on most people after 4 months or so . maybe you feel that good you eat more
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