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Fear of choking

Im contantly afraid of choking when eating something. I feel as the food doesnt go down to the stomach it stays in the throat. What can I do about this. I do have anxiety problems. But this fear doesnt let me  eat that often. Please help.
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Use your teeth to the maximum.
I cant say i share your exact fear really.
(I dont chew my food that much and often swallow big chunks. Making it feel like im almost choking then wash it down with water. stupid but yeah,. )

What you can do?
Well not trying to come of as an smart ***. But use your teeth. Your teeth have the ability to grind everything you put in it down to a fluid like texture.
Use that ability.- Nothing can choke you that way. And a fact also states that chewing your food good and eating slowly is healthier for that belly of yours. So its a win win.

Not saying this will cure your fear. But as long as you chew your food good, there is nothing to fear.

Can you choke on yogurt? Nope. so if you get it down to yogurt filled with "strawberry chunks" texture, then your good, Of course thats over doing it. But hell if that makes you feel safe, go for it.
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I had the same issues the 1st year i started having anxiety/panic attacks. For 3mths i barely ate or drank anything. Needless to say i lost 30lbs! I had been to ENT doctors, had x-ray & scans of my throat. Turned out to be nothing, but anxiety. There was nothing wrong with my throat, i had to then try to change my thoughts.

So, what I did was started back to eating not so solid foods, then gradually started to eat regular foods. I'm fine now & have gained the weight back. The mind is a very powerful thing & trust me i know it's easier said then done, but you have to try really hard. Distract yourself while eating by reading a book or even playing a game. I found that if your thinking about choking>chances are it won't happen! Just remember that it is just a THOUGHT.

I am not a Doctor nor is the above statement medical advice.

I hope this my help coming from someone who had the same problems. I wish you all the best =)
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