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Fear of rabies causing high anxiety...

I have been driving myself crazy with a fear of rabies for the past month or so. I feel now like I have lost control of my mind. It started a month ago when a random (but vaccinated) dog scratched me. I thought the worst and started googling about rabies. That's when I learned about bats. Having found a dead bat near my apartment and seen bats flying overhead, I started to convince myself that I had been bitten by the dead bat (that naturally must have had rabies) and contracted it that way. My fear progressed a little when, while camping a week ago, I felt a sharp pain on my head. I looked around and saw nothing but then convinced myself it had to have been a bat that flew into my head and bit me! The latest incident happened this morning. My dog had brought a stick in the apartment and when I reached into her mouth to take the stick away, she got defensive and bit me, multiple times. She's 15 and a curmudgeon. Anyhow, I have now been telling myself the stick (which was damp) somehow had rabies on it and when she bit me, I got whatever was on the stick in my skin. Can someone please talk some sense into me? I cannot continue living with this paralyzing anxiety. Right now I am awaiting blood test results to see if I have an autoimmune disease, and that in itself is causing enough worry. Now to be constantly thinking about rabies is really starting to make me feel like I am not grounded in reality. Any comfort/advice would be much appreciated!
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Hey there. Rabies is actually hard to contract. If a bat bit your head you would know it! Know way an animal like that would be able to cleanly bit your head and you not know it. Plus for the most parts bats stay away from humans. Your dog is obviously vaccinated, nothing on the stick got in your blood.

Many people with anxiety have these fears that aren't rational (myself included) but from a person on the outside viewing your situation... You really are ok when it comes to rabies.
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