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Feel like i cant breathe normally all the time any tips ??

i suffered with anxiety like 5 years ago when my dog died and then my friend died when i was at school so i found it very hard to go places like feeling that something bad was going to happen to me but then i learned to control my panic attacks and never really felt that anxious anymore. but now my anxiety has come back worse and i feel like i have been manually breathing the last 2 days and i really struggle at night getting sleep like i cant fall alseep but i can lay in my bed and then i will fall sleep but this anxiety is draining me i feel like crap everyday i wake up now and i feel like it the hole day but i am going back to the doctors tommorw to see what theyh can do i can put up with this much longer i have had loads of weight loss i have lost 6 pounds in the last 2 days and i am really trying to eat found but all the time i dont feel like eating and then i have to force the food down and same with water i can forget to drink it and then in turn makes me feel like i am de-hydrated and then that makes my anxiety worse but i really need some help and all the time i suffer with confusion like i play on the xbox all the time and my brother talks to me but when he ask me question i have to say what again becuase i cant focus becuase i am to busy thinking about my manual breathing all day and when i check my stuff on the app on my phone it says my oxgen levels are 98% witch is good saying i have astma as well. plus my big question is that if the doctor give me tablets to take will they affect my astma becuase i have been googling about the medication they give you and all the side affects it has please help i am scared.
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Try reading before you want to sleep and it will focus your mind and perhaps make your eyes a little tired to help with sleeping.
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I don't see how your doctor is going to help you any, though you'll probably get advised to take medication.  I think you might benefit from some therapy to see why you worry so much about everything right now that you're making yourself ill.  That's your main problem and the one you need to focus on.
okay thanks
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Talking to a therapist to help utilize ways to deal with anxiety is a good idea.

You have asthma so your immune system is compromised. It would be wise to get your Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 checked.

D must be at least 50ng or 125nmol
B12 must be at least 500, closer to 1,000

Illness and medications can hinder vitamin/mineral absorption.

Magnesium is needed for many functions and it's very helpful for anxiety. You can even use magnesium lotion or spray topically (spray can sting). Epsom salt foot baths or magnesium chloride Flakes foot bath are relaxing and help reduce anxiety, racing heart and promote sleep.

Other techniques to reduce stress/control anxiety

Deep slow focused breathing
Lavender scent, like essential oil or an herbal balm/cream
Walking or some type of exercise
Pressure points (can look it up online)

I've done everything above.
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