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Feeling Off

We went on a vacation to Disneyland for the past three days and all we did was drive for 7 hours there, rush to eat, get some sleep in a really uncomfortable hotel bed, then wake up in 5 hours and went to Disney until midnight that night. I hardly slept, was out in the freezing cold, and barely ate. We forgot most of the days or I just was past the point and too worked up to even try. My parents don't really understand how I feel and my dad is very like you need to eat. Force yourself. And that makes my fear of throwing up more intense. One night while we were there my face got really hot and I kept asking my mom and my fiancé if they thought I had a fever. They all said no and that it's because my body was warming up from being inside from just getting out of the cold and that I was still chilly because of how cold it's been. I still freaked. Now I'm here and I still feel like my face gets red and warm from time to time and my arms feel weak and I just feel weird. I'm so worried I have something serious like meningitis or something. My health anxiety is way high. Help please.
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You're worrying too much, just relax and have fun! :-)
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I understand how you feel. Have you been diagnosed by a clinician? You're clearly having a bad time and your anxiety is looking to be stressing you out. I urge you to have yourself looked at by your doctor and proceed with your treatment plans. Don't overwork yourself and try to relax. After you get assessed by a doctor, your family will take you more seriously and they will understand how you feel.

In my experience having a treatment plan is the most effective way of recovering from mental health conditions. Discipline, determination, and desire to recover a re necessary.

When I was recovering from mental health issues these are my treatment process. Counseling therapy always is a must and medications are also necessary, however I only opt for medications when it's inevitable. I also include some herbal extracts such as kava, chamomile, and lavender tea. Then there is also a nutritional supplement. I find the most effective is endoca hemp products. It has anxiolytic and antidepressant properties. I also include meditation, relaxation exercises, mindfulness programs, and some massages in my treatment plan. You must find the ones that will work for you so that no matter where you are or how you feel you can cope with the conditions you are in.
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