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Feeling Trapped

If someone can help me and talk me out of this thought I'm having, please do:

When the words “I am forever trapped and can't escape” are applied to anything, it will cause me panic.    And since I am forever trapped inside my body and can't escape, this is causing me panic and I feel that I could go insane.  Also, since I am forever trapped and can't escape the sense of touch in that I can always feel my arms and legs and such always there, just from knowing that I am forever trapped and can't escape is causing me panic.

It does not matter what positive meanings there are about being inside my body being able to feel (such as that it wouldn't make a difference if I were to actually escape and also that I have been living my entire life inside my body being able to feel with no problems).  But the only reason I was able to live this way with no problems is because I never made the realization that I am, in fact, forever trapped and can't escape.  And now that I've made this realization, I feel I could go insane from it.

Even though being inside my body being able to feel poses no threat whatsoever, the words “I am forever trapped and can't escape” being applied here makes it a threat anyway due to the fact that those words themselves pose a threat in that they mean a negative thing and cause panic regardless of what positive things there are about being inside my body being able to feel.

I don't think this is an obsession because if you were to actually trap someone where they are not allowed to escape (especially someone with claustrophobia), they would automatically panic.  It does not matter if this person doesn't have an obsession with negative thinking and isn't obsessively thinking about his/her confinement, the panic just from knowing that he/she is trapped is an automatic response—not an obsession.  This is the same for me, just from knowing that I really am trapped is automatically causing me panic on its own—this is not just simply a matter of obsession in that I am obsessing over this thought and that I can just get my mind off the panic by doing something.  It does not matter what I do or what positive thoughts I think—the simple fact of the matter is that I really am trapped and there is no escape and knowing that is automatically causing me panic all on its own.

As long as I believe it's true that I am trapped and unless there is some way someone can talk me out of it and make me somehow view this thought as false, I feel that I will never get over this.  I feel that I will go insane from this and have to be shot up at the hospital and that I will forever live my life getting shot up at the hospital and that there will be no hope in ever getting over this or even getting better and that I will never be even able to cope with it due to the fact that since I will forever believe that what I'm feeling is true (which it is true), I will never get over this or even be able to cope with this.
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I had excatly the same feeling as you! Strong panic and anxiety.All the same as you! I was terrified how I can't escape of my mind and my body, like I will be forever "damned" to be in my own skin. I also thought how I will go crazy because of that.
From my experience these feelings disapeared ,I simply told to myself they are just thoughts, and then all people on the earth are also in their own bodies and can't escape themslefs, not just you or me. And they don't have problems or fears because of that,simply because this is not a problem,only stupid thought which make you panic. It's not realistic,because we can't live without bodies etc.

Remember there are only 2 fears :fear of loosing soil below foot and strong sound. All other fears are made up in people's head, no realistic. If your fear is rational and real, then all the people in this world would have it.
Sorry for my bad English.
I aso have many fears,but they are product of my own mind.
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Your subconscious is creating this. You have to worry,so " irrational fear is created ". We are all different and every one creates his own fears depending on his own mindset. Feeling of losing control or going insane is very common; I had it for a long time;it's very common in anxiety' sufferers. I had a technique which I frequently used- telling myself that this is new to me, and I felt this only recently, so it must be flawed and not real-anxiety feeds on your fears. Distract yourself and things shall pass. You will come out of it even stronger.
Hope you get better soon.
If you need anything, keep me posted.
Btw: these thoughts are only mine;am not a reliable source,I just been through this, a bit experienced you might say.
Sorry for the bad English too, just trying to help.
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I could be full of 'you know what' but this is what occurred to me when I read Your dilemma.

Would it help to ask YourSelf

"If I were not 'trapped' inside my body, if I could 'escape' my body, where would I have myself go?  Where would I take myself without my body?  What would I have myself do?"

Perhaps You could 'reason' with YourSelf in this way and if You can't figure out a good answer to that question, maybe You can feel okay about being where You are (inside Your body).

and each time the feeling resurfaces, ask YourSelf again, what You would do, where You would go.  There would be no 'need' to 'escape' Your body if You don't have a solution to the question.

Good Luck

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keep repeating....."I am free"    say it over and over.  when you are finished, say it more.
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Thats a great thing to tell yourself! Love it. I sing to myself the childrens song " jesus loves the little children" ! :)
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Matt, I do understand, and I know it can seem impossible to overcome these thoughts and feelings. Please talk to a therapist and read posts here so you know you're not alone with these feelings. If you can get a copy of one or more of Claire Weeks books they are so helpful and consoling. She was a doctor and really understood anxiety disorders and the intrusive thoughts that make us feel like we'll go insane.  Amazon has used copies very cheap.
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I googled "escape my own skin" and came across your post.  I certainly hope you're feeling better and found some assistance with this.

The truth is that there's nothing trapping "you", and there's an easy way to check this at any time.  Just look.  Look at the scenery before you.  Is there a boundary between the seeing and the seen?  Is there anything blocking the view?  Notice how wide open and available it is.  Breathe the air and see how easily it moves.  See how every speck of dust, every color is readily available to be seen.

Please feel better.  Just check the view at any time.  I have more exercises like this too and if you're still around, I'd love to try to help.

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Just reading this makes me panic a bit. For anyone answering this with rationality you are wasting your time. From my experience, this is the primitive flight or fight taking control over the rational brain. These are irrational thoughts and the only way to overcome them is distraction distraction distraction. Do not dwell on these type of thoughts as they will self propagate.  For this particular phobia it  should be quite simple as there is no physical discomfort in actually existing. However, compare this to being trapped in a stuffy elevator and not being able to get out. When trying to distract yourself in that situation, the discomfort will be a constant reminder of your predicament.
These are horrible thoughts that are playing tricks on you but we actually live in a wonderful world with loads of things to distract you.
I actually panicked once that I couldn't touch the moon. If I sit and contemplate that I am sure I could make myself quite ill. But I just think about ice cream instead and it all just goes away.
Good luck to anyone who has these feelings but just kick that primitive insect like brain back into shape and think of ice cream instead!
I can understand exactly what you are saying I have the same thoughts and feelings, they are horrible and so scary. I feel I cannot escape them.
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I feel like this too. I get so panicked to the point i'm ill and have to be sedated in order to calm down. It's hard. But you have to remind yourself to breathe deeply and slowly and distract yourself. I cook, clean, play soduku or read and listen to music. It helps. Being afraid all the time for no reason ***** but you will get through this. Sometimes writing about it works too. Write like you would a book on anxiety. Keep going till you feel better! Hope this helps!
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just curious if anyone has a real answers to solve this problem.? Could anyone Recomend any doctors to actually help.?
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I have the same thought but guess what I got over it. It's hard and tough but you got to do it cause when you accepted it you'll feel so much better. Make it your ***** say I'm getting over this feeling not matter what
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Take some drugs man
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My comments I left i this sire where removed.
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