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Feeling Weird Today

We went out for New Years last night and my fiancé had a lot of fun (did some minor drugs for his birthday. No biggie to me at all) and we were out until 3:30. Slept in till 11 or so. But didn't sleep well. I find that when I stay up crazy late I have a hard time staying asleep. Like I can't get my body to relax and stay asleep and get rested. Woke up still feeling tired and anxious. Had a light breakfast and now I'm on the couch feeling like I'm going to faint and overwhelmed with anxiety. I also feel like I might have a swollen lymph node behind my ear. It's not helping because I keep touch it :/ someone give me advice!!
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You asked for advice, so here you go: STOP DOING DRUGS. Major, minor, whatever. It's a stupid thing for anyone to do, but for someone who is prone to anxiety it's the dumbest thing in the world. And your fiancee needs to do the same. You two are getting married, and will perhaps one day become parents. That's a good reason to stop and get clean. Make it your New Year's resolution and stick to it. Celebrate birthdays by going out for dinner. It will probably be cheaper too. No more drugs, ever again, and it starts now.
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Oh no, I didn't do anything. I was the DD for him and his friends. I could not touch anything like that because my anxiety is so high. But this was a one time thing for him he normally doesn't do anything like that.
Well that's good! But your fiancee needs to stop the drugs. It's just a bad thing to do on so many levels.
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