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Feeling slowed down, numb and experiencing choppy time, what is happening?

First of all, I'm new here and thank you in advance for answering, even if this might be in the wrong thread! I've been feeling something for 3 days now, since I took 2 paracetamol tablets. After the first one, I felt really dizzy and high and that feeling went away after couple of hours. The next day, since the pain didn't go away, I took another one, and I've been experiencing this since. I feel like I'm slowed down, my senses are numbed, and I'm experiencing time in frames, if that makes sense. I took paracetamol for chronic pain in my lower right stomach, in the appendix/gallbladder region (I feel that pain every so often, went to test it and doctors said it was probably muscles, blood tests were fine). Also, I used marijuana 2 days before paracetamol, and I don't use it frequently(used it 2 years ago last time). Please, if you know anything that could make me feel like being high, dissociated, numb and tingly, help me. I'm really starting to worry, since I have no idea if it is neurological or something else.
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It might not be that drug, it shouldn't make you high, but it might be some of the fillers and binders some companies put in it.  And it might be the drug if you're sensitive to it.  The most important restriction with this drug is not to take too much or too often, as it can damage the liver, but you're not in that danger zone.  I'm sure this will pass.  (the pot was probably a safer pain killer, though, but it could have been that -- at some point some people just don't do well with it anymore, or they have some that is just stronger than they like it to be).  The more important thing is, if it is muscular, you can fix that with physical therapy, assuming the diagnosis is correct.  If it's chronic, you might consider seeing an othopedic surgeon and getting some pictures taken so you know what you're dealing with.  If it is muscle pain, you probably tweaked it doing something that your body just didn't like, such as abdominal exercises or lifting or twisting.  But if you don't know what you're dealing with, you can't fix it, and medicating it doesn't fix it, it just makes the pain less for a while.  Best of luck.
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