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Feels like floor is moving

I haven't been diagnosed with anxiety... yet. But was curious if anyone who has been diagnosed, do you have these symptoms ? Basically this happens only when I'm walking, or sometimes standing. As I'm walking, I feel a sudden intense feeling as if the floor just dropped an inch. It's almost similar to the feeling you get when on an elevator and it has reached it's destination, and you feel a sudden jerk, down then up. Another way to describe it is like when your walking on a boat dock, and as you step, the floor is wobbly. I don't feel dizzy like the room is spinning, and it happens suddenly, then is gone after a second. It's quite frightening, it almost also feels like my body just stopped working for a split second, and almost like I'm going to faint. It happened this morning when I got out of bed a couple of times, and a few more times as I made my way to work. It's off and on, sometimes I don't feel it all day, other times it can happen many times in a day. I have been having other anxiety symtpoms as well, including mild panic attacks. Is this a symptom of anxiety that any of you have experienced ? Is there anything that helps it ?
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Yes, I have experienced that and quite often.  You feel like you have sea legs and it is just for a second.  I DO suffer from anxiety.  I would suggest that you try to do deep breathing exercising and relaxation tapes.  Maybe that will help.  Hope you feel better soon.
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Yes, yes, yes, the floor moving is part of the anxiety disorder. I have experienced it and it is very common. For me, when I have that moment it feels like my feet are walking separately from the rest of my body. I always worry that I am going to fall over but I  never do.  For my friend, it happens when she is driving and she says that the hood of her car keeps going after she stops the car at a light.

You know what it is?  During a panicky moment your adreniline rushes and your body gets into fight or flight mode and your pupils dialate as though ready for any survival emergency and it causes you to have those sensations.  

U might have a vitamin deficiency. I did. Specially D and Magnesium
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It's relieving to hear this ! Not that you are having the same issues, of course, I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but it's good to know that it's probably an anxiety thing, and not some other serious disease... which I always think I have. :)
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Yes, It's anxiety.  I have all those symptoms you described.
" my body just stopped working for a split second"..I had that feeling a week before i went to ER.
You should eat healthy, not drink caffeine/alcohol, not smoke cig and have enough sleep.  It takes months to recover from it.  Goodluck to you.  Hope u feel better!
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yes, i have this EXACTLY as you describe it.  I am not sure what to do about it or how to beat it.  It has been better lately, but if definately flares up when I get anxious.  It is amazing that you can go a couple of days without feeling it, but then the next day you feel like you are going to fall out on every step.
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I get that too especially if I am riding in a car it feels like the car will flip.  Times like that I will scream until the car stops.  I haven't beat it yet myself.  
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No real point in me saying I do as well cause it sounds like you have all the confirmation you need, but yes...I very much experience this. I have a lot of other weird symptoms too. In fact 80% of my symptoms are head related.....I call it a "drugged up feeling" or if its more like what you described I bunch all that together and call it "Dizzyness" to people who dont have anxiety to understand....but yes.....its not nice at all.....but rty not to worry....I have found no matter how bad the symptoms are...they never last....just distract yourself completely....even if it means jumping up and dancing or phoning someone up.....phone up a comedic hotline or something that will literally completely take your mind off it because you will be like "why the hell did I just do that".....sounds very very weird but I use my own shock method to get through very very bad attacks.....I literally try to shock myself....and shock the Panic Monster......so I will just randomly start dancing or go put on my h year old nephews roller skates and try to skate round the kitchen....sounds amazingly stupid!! but it kinda works..........and use people....talk to people....phone up someone who can make you laugh or who you dont usually speak to and just talk about something....

Hope this helps......***@**** is my email if anyone wants a chat.....because I really feel like ive been through most of the things that anxiety can cause......not trying to sound like im being patronizing....I just havent seen a symptom I havent had ten fold....and im only a youngen :( ...

All the best.
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Ok...forgot that maybe I can give out my email lol...if anyone wants it though..im sure I can get it to you somehow lol
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I too feel my car is going to flip someitmes...WEIRD!   Anxiety is very annoying...:((
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I have bad axiety and depression issues and this summer I was doing pottery and when I would look down at the wheel and it was stopped I could literally still watch the lines inside go around  been on and then off something since then still have not foung the right something aughhh!!!
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Yeah it is very strange.  I use to love to travel and could do it anytime I wanted.  My dad was a police officer and taught me to drive when I was 14.  My ex-husband use to threaten me with the car and how he would kill me, ofcourse we divorced.  about 1yr after the divorce I tried to jump out of a moving vehicle on the 80/90.  Before that happen I always noticed an underlying anxiety but ignored it and then the attack.  I felt like I was trapped on a scary rollercoaster with no way of getting off and opened the car door (we were passing a semi at the time). 10yrs later I still suffer and can't afford a psycratrist.  I see a therapist and finally my dr gave me buspar (I'm hopeful).  The dr just gave me that 3 days ago. After 10 yrs, go figure. Any info on the buspar would be great.
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I would love to ask you some questions about your feelings.  This has just happened to me exaclty what you describe.  I am mother of 2 very active never been sick.  
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