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Fellow Cardiophists, question for you...

Greetings MedHelp Community,

I'm new here.  I've been a lurker for some time.  I wanted to get your opinions and input on the best way to overcome/manage/cure/deal with cardiophobia or health anxiety of the heart.

I'm cleared of heart issues by my general practitioner doc, a cardiologist and a family physician.  I've seen the results myself and they're fine and I'm 31 and in relatively good shape with excellent tests.  However, I can't seem to get out of my head that there is still something wrong.  If I go running, I experience "pains" after it.  Not typical cardiac pains, but more like fleeting aches in the general vicinity of where there would be cardiac pains.  Quick aches in the breast bone, or small aches in the left wrist, etc.  It makes me want to get an angiogram or a calcium score test, however, deep down I know that would only be feeding my cardiophobia.  A temporary relief, but a few days later, I'm sure something they missed would've come up.  After I go biking, same thing.  No other symptoms though, and these pains make me distressed which increases my anxiety.  I look up the symptoms and it makes it worse.  Throughout random times of they day I'll get chest pains near my breast bone.  I think its possible that it's costochondritis, BUT, how much of these pains are in my head?  If they are all/any in my head, how do they go away?

PS:  This all started about 9 months ago.  Before that, I just had some anxiety problems.
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Hi. You say you have phobia. Have you heard of the nosebo effect? People can affect their hormones and heart rythm just by thought. They can think themselves ill and vice versa. When you have these pains check if its your brain tricking you by imagine these paines somewhere else, like in the right arm instead of left and in your back or stomach instead of chest.

I got rid of restless leg syndrom like this. I lacked magnesium and Zink and found out because of other symptoms like painful muscle in my thights after walking 30min and white spots on fingernails. I had anxiety problems bc of high copper count and got worse with coffee.

Still a blood test to check micronutriants sounds responsible.
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Thanks.  II guess really anything to keep it under control.  I do think it's a phobia.  It's something that I fear when I've done exercise or ate something unhealthy.  Also, I'm sure that my mind it playing those tricks on me too at the same time.  The question is, how to move on and be done with this crap.  I like your idea of the micronutrient test.
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