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I am now completing my second week on Zoloft. I have been three weeks off of xanax and still my panic symptoms persist. I have taken leave from work and am on my third week away. It seems that panic I experienced while driving which was akin to near fainting/black out has given me a phobia towards driving. I tried to go to work today and only got about twelve miles from home before starting back. I want my old life back. The most normal I felt was when I was on the xanax but I don't want to go back to that. My question is which medication for anxiety has proven the most effective?
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The Zoloft with kick in between 4-6 weeks and this should help a lot with your anxiety and panic attacks.  Most of us have triggers for panic attacks, and your's is driving.  It's hard to say which medication is best for anxiety as they affect us all differently, but Xanax is widely used.  Also, most of us take something like Zoloft along with an anxiety medication, maybe you should talk to your doctor about something else to ease your anxiety until the Zoloft kicks in.  Know that each day brings you closer to feeling better, but the waiting is difficult. Call your doctor and trust in him, what works for one of us may not for you, and vice versa.  Take care.
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Thank you for the advice. Just today, after my post, my doctor recommended I go up on the zoloft to 200mg and add 10 mg of Lexapro. I sure hope this works because it's so taking away from my life. Again, thank you for your kind words.
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