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First app with an psychiatrist

Hi everyone. Tomorrow will be the first time that I will be in front of a psychiatrist. I have anxiety sometimes panic attacks (and depression not sure). What can I expect in this first app. What questions is he going to ask me? I am a little nervous that's why and I do not know what to expect. Many thanks. Amethyst.
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when I went in for the first time I was asked a lot about my family, how did my parents rise me. just backround. then we touched on the issue at hand. then the next time is when she start talking to me about my issue. hope this helps.
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You will most likely have to fill out a medical history form, detailing any medical and psychiatric problems in YOUR past, as well as in your family. Then, he will ask you questions relating to your symptoms...he will likely ask you to describe the symptoms, and explain anything that was happening around the onset of the symptoms....as well as anything that made them worse or better.

There will also be standard questions relating to self-harm, to rule out any risk of you being a danger to yourself or others.  That is just standard protocol. He will also most likely ask you if you have tried anything in the past to help your anxiety/depression.

The first visit will be the longest.  In my experience, after the initial visit, my appts were all of about 5 min long....and were called "med checks"...were the doc asked how I was tolerating the meds, and briefly reviewed the note from the psyhcotherapist.  My appts with the therapist were much longer (an hour each visit) and were where I received the most help.  

Try not to be too nervous...this is an all important step in getting better!  Please let us know how it goes!
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Make sure once you get into discussing meds that the psychiatrist knows his or her stuff, especially about side effects and about quitting the med.  This will be a guide as to whether the psychiatrist is a listener and somebody who has stayed up on things or just phoning it in.  I guess what I'm saying is, psychiatrists are like other humans, some are better than others and you want to do what you can to ensure you have a good one.
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Thanks for your advice. I live on a small island in the caribbean and there are only two psychiatrist here. So I do not have so much of a choice. It is the one or the other.
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Bummer.  On the other hand, you live on a small island in the Caribbean, so how bad can it be?
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First of all I have to qoute myself from another post. Here it goes:

Last friday (march 5th) I went to the psychiatrist. It happens to be that he was very  much informed about MVP related to anxiety and panic attacks (what a relieve for me). He treated me well and I felt comfortable with him. As sjg2316 said he asked me about my family background and as nursegirl pointed out I had to describe my symptoms and everything about the onset of the symptoms. The app lasted for about an hour.

He confirmed that I suffered a burnout in november and that right now I am not depressed (what a relieve). What I have is anxiety and a fear of having another panic attack or burn out. I have to stay on my current medications as 1.5 mg bromazepam in the morning and 5 mg Bystolic at noon. In stead of walking 3 times a week, I have to walk 5 times a week. He is going to discuss my case with my psychologist and then he will get back to me to discuss which kind of medication we are going to use. He said to me that 3 or 4 panic attacks a year are not so much but he understands that having a panic attack is very upsetting. In the meantime he prescribed Clonazepam if needed for a panic attack (if I get one from the day of the app till our next app). I told him that I wanted to take something on a daily basis so I can control the anxiety and eventually panic attack. He said that we will discuss that in my next visit. I thought that in the first app he is going to prescribe something but that was not the case. Maybe he has to evaluate somethings first. Is this normally done so?

I have my next appointment with my psychologist on march 17th. We are going to start with CBT.

To all of you that responded to my post Greenlydia, Ryan, Nursegirl, sjg and paxiled thanks for your support.

And Paxiled I invite you to visit my little island in the Caribbean. Just google Aruba.

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Forget about the qoute. It failed.

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Well, it sounds as though the appt went very well, that's great!  It sounds like your doctor is attentive and caring and knowledgeable.  Looks like you are on your way to a great treatment plan. CBT has been so very successful for so many with panic and anxiety...I think that is an excellent choice.

The ONLY thing that I would ask him about at your next appt is the choice to use Klonopin as a "rescue" med.  Due to Klonopin being long acting and needing to build up in the system to be most effective, it is typically more appropriate to be dosed twice daily rather than on an "as needed" basis.  A short-acting benzodiazepine, like Ativan or Xanax is better suited to be used as a rescue med.  They have much quicker onsets, which make them a better choice for the purpose of stopping anxiety/panic in its tracks.  I would ask him if perhaps you could either try the Klonopin on a regular basis (like you mentioned), or trying a short-acting benzo on an "as needed" basis instead of the Klonopin.  There ARE people who have had success in using Klonopin "as needed", but due to the mechanism of action of Klonopin, it is more appropriate to be used on a daily basis, at least twice daily.

Let us know how things are going!  I'm very excited for you!  I remember my first p-doc appt YEEEAAARS ago (lol) and I tell you it was like a weight was lifted that very day...just getting confirmation that what I was experiencing was a REAL disorder, a COMMON disorder, and a TREATABLE disorder....that I wasn't crazy and headed for a life wearing a jacket that buckles in the back!  :0)

And yes...I have to concur with Pax.....how STRESSFUL could life be living in a tropical paradise? LOL   If you'd like, we could do a switch and you could come enjoy our melting almost 3 feet of snow. ICK!  Just let me know....I'll set you up all comfy...you have your choice...either my daughter'sVERY pink room, or my son's very GREEN room, equipped with a COOL racecar bed.  I'll be waiting...just give me the word!
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You know nursegirl? I never saw snow in my life and that is one of my wishes; to see snow. If there is room for my husband and I and keeping in mind that PINK is my favorite color, I have to choose your daughters room :) So let me know. Hahaha. Two years ago around februari my husband and I went to Orlando, Florida to experience a cold front. It was great! On Aruba it is sunny all year long around 89 F, so it is like summer all year round.

I will ask the psychiatrist in my next app about the klonopin dosed two times daily on a regular basis and about Ativan and Xanax about rescue med. So it is either one or the other.

But you are right after the app it was like a heavy weight was lifted up from my shoulders. I was so happy that I was not depressed. So I have to work on my anxiety, worry, poor appetite, negative thinking, I am very emotional etc but I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks again for the great tips. Do you mind if I pm you?

I read these forum everyday.

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You are welcome to PM me anytime...I try to answer them as quickly as I can depending on my schedule!  Any time!
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You should've been here in No. Va. this winter -- had several feet of snow.  Never shoveled so much in my life.  But I know what you mean, I grew up in Southern Calif., where it's pretty warm all year.  Next winter just let me know, I'll let you see snow but you have to shovel.  Of course, we usually don't get that much snow, this was an odd year.
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