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First time taking Klonopin, numbness in throat, lips, anxiety increased

My new psychiatrist wants me to switch from Xanax to Klonopin.  I took my usual 1 mg. Xanax last night and this morning, took the first .5 mg. Klonopin.  After about thirty minutes, I started to feel my lips and throat becoming numb.  They don't feel swollen, as in allergic, just sort of numb.  I can swallow normally, but the feeling is frightening me.  I'm worried that the anxiety over the numbness is feeding into it and exacerbating the sensation.  After 90 minutes of numbness and increasing anxiety over the numbness, I finally took .25 mg.  Xanax.  So far, still numb, still anxious.  Is this normal at all?
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How long were you on Xanax?  If you were taking it regularly, you could be having a withdrawal reaction to suddenly stopping it.  Just because you're taking another drug in the same class doesn't mean it will stop withdrawal of the other drug -- they act differently to get to the same effect on GABA.  Also, klonopin takes longer to act than Xanax.  So you might be having a reaction to klonopin, but you might be suffering withdrawal from missing your dose of Xanax you're addicted to.  Tapering off is the recommended course even if switching to a drug in the same class.  Don't assume your psychiatrist knows or cares about this -- some do, some don't, just like there are good plumbers and bad plumbers.  When you don't like the answers you get from your doc, switch.
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