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Fleeting Sensations, Ringing in my ears

So, I have been on Viibryd for a couple of years, and also take suboxone for about a year or two.
I have had a cold, lots of congestion in my chest the last 7 days so my doctor gave me Bactrim and told me to take sudaphed.  No problem.  Today though, at work I felt great in the morning, and then started having these fleeting sensations that are extremely weird.  I'll describe the feeling shortly.  They are only a split second, well literally about one second long. Very fast. They happened throughout the day, and currently are starting to become less often. I'd guess maybe about thirty seconds apart, sometimes less, sometime a few minutes.  Time after time.  
The feeling is "fleeting" because as soon as it comes, it goes.  It feels like there is a qquick ringing in my ears, just for one second.  I feel almost like a adrenaline/panic for just one second.  It feels a little like vertigo as well, and all in quick little jolts.  I don't care about sound, ringing doesnt bother me.  It's the weird "did my heart just skip a beat, am i about to faint, did i just wake up from a millisecond nightmare?" feeling.  You know when your dreaming and you twitch, a little like that.  Or when youre having a bad dream, like your falling and about to hit the ground, and when, in your dream, you hit the ground, you really wake up and feel panicked.  
I do notice that my muscles are very tight and I try to relax them and literally five seconds later they are tight all over again.
This has been a very hatrd thing to write while this feeling is going on.  I know it was not well put together. Any suggestions??
Some words other people might use would be dizzy, vertigo, confusion, panic.
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