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Fluctuating Hypertension

Hi, I've been on blood pressure meds for few years now & they have been keeping my bp stable.....that is until I started to get fluctuating readings recently. My gp reckons I have developed White Coat Syndrome, I would agree as I can feel my pulse increase when the cuff goes on for the past while....I started to suffer panic attacks a few months ago & it was around the same time that i noticed the fluctuations.
I am in hospital at present for investigations such as an Echo, Adrenal gland scanning etc. My bp has been fine until my reading this evening when it was high, the thing is tho my pulse was normal. Can you still get White coat Syndrome with a normal pulse?
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Yes, I believe white coat syndrome just make your bp elevate.  I suffer from this too but only when I go to the doctors office or any medical appt.
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