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Focusing on anxiety symptoms

Does anyone find that they experience a lot of physical symptoms when they get anxious, and if they focus on the physical symptoms, it makes things even worse? I've been ok up until 2 weeks ago, then I got stressed at work and I've been having palpitations frequently. The problem is, I become obsessed about it and can't  stop thinking about it which gets me into an even bigger panic!
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This is the nature of all mental illness -- obsessive thinking.  And with depression and anxiety we obsess over negative thoughts, which is the very nature of the disorder.  So, yes.  Also, are you actually having palps or just think you are?  Many anxiety sufferers think they're having heart issues, but usually aren't.  Doesn't mean you aren't, but you might just think you are.  Are you doing anything about it, such as therapy and learning relaxation techniques?
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This time around I am actually have palps and once I feel one, I can't stop thinking about it and wondering why it is happening, or if I have a heart problem. I'm not currently doing therapy. I try to do deep breathing when I feel anxious, but sometimes I find it hard to do it properly when I'm all worked up. I've been to a cardiologist 3 years ago, and did the stress test, EKG, heart ultrasound and extensive blood-work, and everything came back perfectly normal, but I can't stop freaking out about it.
To determine if you're actually having palps I think, and I'm no expert, you'd have to wear a holter for awhile as you go about your day to test for it.  But if you're an anxiety sufferer, solving that problem solves the other problem if it exists, so I'd consider seeing a psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatment and see if you can't fix it.  Also, there are a lot of different breathing exercises under the sun, and many are designed to force you into deep breathing without you knowing that's what's happening, which can work better for some than just trying deep breathing.  The more you practice, the better you get at it as well.  Abdominal breathing that most of us learn comes from Eastern meditation and yoga practices, so those can be very helpful for some as well.  
Thanks. I'll look into some other deep breathing exercises.  Unfortunately, the psychologist I was seeing retired, and I haven't gotten around to finding a new one. I'll see if my doctor can recommend a good psychologist.

Before I saw the cardiologist, I did wear the holter monitor for 24 hours and it was noted that I was having palps. By the time I saw the cardiologist, they had gone away. This is a known anxiety symptom for me, it just doesn't last as long as it has. I notice though that when I am relaxed and not thinking about it, I don't feel them happening.
That just means the anxiety is the issue to focus on, as you've checked out the heart and it appears not to be a danger to you.  

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