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Foot Pain

I recently had a scary hiv encounter - unprotected sex with a female for :20 -- weeks after felt like i got all the symptoms - white tongue, rash on testicles, headaches, diarrhea.  Anyhow, i got tested at six weeks -- negative.

However, I'm still getting pain on the top of my feet and ankles - doc trying to tell me it is from anxiety...and to get on with my life....

has anyone ever heard of pain in the feet as a result of anxiety -- i'm worried that it is from hiv....and should be re-tested...

been thinking about it constantly for over 2 months.
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to my knowledge, foot pain is not generally a symptom of HIV...so it most likely is anxiety.  I strongly reccomend therapy.  Also if your test was negative at 6 weeks, you have nothing to worry about.  Anxiety can cause all kinds of symptoms
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thanks so much - makes me feel better.

i wanna trust the six week result!

and the foot pain comes and goes, which is weird...some days its not there, others it hurts on top....especially when i'm thinking about it..

doc tells me to move on...just trying to buy in
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Foot pain is not a symptom of hiv.  See a Podiatrist if it continues.  A 6 week test is absolutely conclusive, since 90% of people will seroconvert at 26 days.
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do you think it can be due to anxiety? it just seems so ironic.

i just want to put this behind me.
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Yes it can be due to anxiety.  Especially when your paying attention to EVERYTHING your body does.  You have your ear up to the door and your waiting to hear a pin drop.  Thats how careful your listeningto your body.  I can assure you your foot would be hurting even if you weren't affraid of hiv.  You just wouldn't notice it or really care.  Your letting every little thing become a sign of hiv, when in fact it's just normal body sensations.  Your acuteness is helping manifest your anxiety.  You need to relax.
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just so bizarre that at times the pain has been so bad in BOTH feet - on top of the feet..and in the ankles...started at like 5 weeks after the encounter...and is still lingering...never had foot issues EVER in the past either - just came out of the blue
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