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For long-term pain management and anxiety: which med is best

I am writing because I don't have much support right now.  I've been on opiate meds for 9 years for Trigeminal Neuralgia.  I had brain surgery (twice) and both failed me leaving me with a diagnosis of Anesthesia Dolorosia.  Not fun.  In Feb. I decided to detox to see if I would be better...It was hard to find any opiate based drugs that really worked, however, I found Xanax 1 mg 5x/day has helped with the pain.  When I was in rehab they gave me Klonopin and I had no pain for the first three days:  Then, the pain in my face came back with a vengenance.  I was sure this time it was a dental problem but it was hard to tell betwen the A-typical facial pain and dental pain.  It was a bad tooth so unfortunately I was not successful in a complete detox tho we did get me to a lower level of pain meds.  Now I am ready to try again.  I want to see if Xanax will help me cope with this disease.  Today I am doing very well since my psychiatrist changed my RX from 3/day to 5/day.  Of course, this won't work for long term.  Do I need to ask my dr. to put me on the Klonopin?  I'd love some feedback.  I also appreciate the support.
God Bless
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I forgot to mention that I also have severe resless leg syndrome.  I don't think it is right to ask me to take anxiety med for restless leg; but then I guess I can't add another med into the mix.  Dr. did RX Neurontin.  Does Neurontin help with Restless Leg?
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   Gamma Knife radiation has been useful for TN

   Long term, I don't believe benzodiazepines are considered first treatment for analgesic purposes.

   Lyrica has been found useful by some for both pain and anxiety management. Neurontin does similar but with a much higher med amount required.

   There's somewhat of a mix here as a benzo is often prescribed for restless leg syndrome.

   Not to prescribe, but you may wish to ask Dr. about low dose Klonopin and Lyrica simultaneously.

   Best wishes in this!


   PS  'Cybalta' is another possibility to ask about. It contains a bit of anti-depressant which has been proven useful for pain in some.
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There is a laser treatment center is South Carolina - that helps patients with TN.  I have a-typical facial pain after sinus surgery and have lived in severe pain for several months after my surgery.  I would call them and see if there is an option for you to try laser therapy.

Good luck
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