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For the people out there who feel alone in their anxiety and pain...

Hey, this is a message for anyone out there who is suffering from anxiety and doesn't have anybody to talk to about it, someone who understands...
I have been so incredibly fortunate that I have so many supportive people in my life who have experienced similiar feelings and who have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks and have made it through the other side, not to mention all of the people on this message board who have helped and provided insight and offered their support and understanding.
So if anybody out there wants to talk to someone who understands, I will always be happy to listen to you...I am not a therapist, I have no training in psychotherapy or pyschology, but I will listen to you, and will talk to you, when you feel like you just need to talk to someone who understands. We all need someone to listen to, to talk to, and there is so much strength in support.
Take care of yourselves, and believe that things will get better.
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I'd like to take you up on your offer.  My wife does not understand but she does try to help.  I am considering Valium to help with my problem but also understand how dangerous this stuff can be.

What did you do to conquer your anxiety problems?
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i would like to talk please as my family/friends do not understand.
can i ask you a question please. i have only been suffering from anxiety for over a month now and since then i think i am going to die every day, i have a headache all day which affects my eyesight, its not double vision but like fuzzy vision. this makes me think i have a brain tumor, my throat feels as like a lump is lodged but only notice the pain when i have move my head in a certain positon. is this all normal or is there something seriously wrong? i dont no if the fear of dying has come from two near death experience i had myself, once i nearly died at 7years when i was kicked by a horse the other when i was 18 when i nearly died of meningitisis. pluse iam a nursing student so have seen post-mortem and death which i dont think help.
can you or anyone else relate to this or am i just going mad?????????
thank you to anyone who replys  
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I'll preface all comments by also saying...I am no MD, psychologist, or psychiatrist:

All symptoms you list can be the result of anxiety....I had headache, body ache, lump in the throat, fatigue, blurry visions, insomnia, panic attacks, depression..among others.

You are NOT going mad which should comfort you tremendously.  There is probably some stress (or build up) that has triggered the anxiety in you.  All the symptoms are your body's way of telling you....."If you aren't going to handle, situation xyz, I'm going to handle it".  

I went to my MD after not knowing what was wrong with me and they checked me out to find out I was perfectly healthy.  They gave me a small supply of xanax and started me on an anti-depressent that also helps with anxiety.  The medicine allowed me to calm down, sleep, and have clear thoughts.  

I also talked with a therapist who gave me almost IMMEDIATE relief by assuring me I wasn't going crazy and MANY people are in the same boat.

I think that meds definately have their place...but I think ultimate relief from my anxiety will come from talk therapy and finding what triggers my anxiety.

Good luck
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Thank you for your reply. Yes being told i am not going mad does help i must admit. I cant believe how horrible anxiety really is i never thought anxiety would ever be like that.
i have arranged through university to speak to someone but on a waiting list!!!!!!
my doctor says i am healthy but sometimes i think i have something wrong where i am just going to drop dead any minute (sounds mad). he did give me some beta-blockers only a small dose 10mg but read the side affects and got scared of taking them (i no another silly thought).
how are you coping with your medication? do you feel any better? have you booked in to speak to someone?
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First off, I don't think many people ever "conquer" anxiety...anxiety is something most people will have reocurring throughout their lives...but you can learn to live with it, deal with it if it ever does rear it's ugly head, and do your best to eliminate the stress and triggers from your life...learn to live the healthiest life, take care of your body (because one does affect the other) and make sure, always make sure to be GRATEFUL for the things in your life that help you get through the day...friends, family, your hobbies, whatever.
Find your coping methods, mine is walking, exorcise, and talking through it with others who understand.
But for anybody out there, ANYBODY, the first step is getting the help you need...therapy, medication, CBT, whatever you feel comfortable with, but GET HELP.
Don't listen to anybody but yourself and the Doctors you trust.
I am not through this yet...I know I still have a long road ahead of me, a road of learning, and determination...but I am taking it one day at a time...2 weeks ago, I never thought I would be happy again, never be "me", but today I am positive, and am laughing, and can see a better future.
I will also be journaling my thoughts on this site, if anybody cares to read it.
And again, anybody who wants to spill their guts, message me on this site, and let me know.
For me, therapy and medication is helping...I did have a rough couple of days when I first started taking it, but they didn't last that long, and really, my desire to get back to normal was stronger than the side effects...
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My MD started me on Pamelor.  I tried it for about 2 weeks but asked to try something else because of the side effects.  I was getting extremely fatigued and had a little blurry vision one day.  In hindsight, the effects may very well have been from the anxiety rather than the medication but who knows.

I was then prescribed celexa and have been on it for about 8 weeks.  I saw some improvement in the first couple weeks but still had to take about 1/2 of a xanax each day when my anxiety got high.  After about 4 weeks I did not need to take any xanax which was comforting.  I did have some pretty rough dry mouth and some fatigue with the celexa for the first 3 weeks but I committed myself to continue.  The side effects are now gone and I am much closer to being myself again.  I will continue with the celexa and talk therapy for a while but plan to taper off in 6 months or so....keeping my fingers crossed.

I found a good therapist (friend recommended) and visited him weekly for the first 3 weeks.  He really helped point me to some things I needed to examine in my life that I was just too afraid (or blind) to admit.  

As funny as it sounds....the problems you and i are going through are VERY COMMON and have been around since the beginning of mankind.  I thought I was alone and no one could possibly understand what was going on in my mind and with my body.  The therapist could basically finish my sentences and could describe how I was feeling because he's heard it day after day after day.  That's the reason I find comfort in this board because, for the most part, there is someone here that knows exactly how you are feeling.
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i have pretty severe anxiety and panic along with bipolar, adhd an have had comments to seed psychological help before treating my joint, back, and wrist pain. i don't understand how this could cause such pain, well i do in my back but i think i have medical issues as well that i have to pull teeth to get any testing done. i go see my psychologist tuesday and am going to address these things with him. i don't want somatoform disorder, i don't think most of it is due to my mental illness but it doesn't help either. i've also been told to fire my pcp because he isn't doing the tests i need. i know i have some arthritis and advanced wear in my hips, advanced wear popping and grinding in my rotator cuffs and sciatic nerve issues along with tention and muscle spasms in my back. i also have carpal tunnel and i don't think that is due to anxiety issues either. do you think my problems could be psychological? i have evidence that they are not but the anxiety and panic along with everything else just make it worse. i'd like to get off soma's, lortab's, and mobic (nsaid for inflamation) as well as xanax (which i take rarely but probably should take more often) but i guess i have to wait to see what my psychologist says i just hope somatoform disorder doesn't even com up because it will really make me feel crazier than i am already. im not a hypochondriac, i don't think i have many disorders but i have something. any advise?
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I know it's going to sound impossible, but try to just put aside worrying about your physical pain until you see your psychologist and see what they have to say...remember, they are usually well educated, well informed people who have heard about all kinds of people who are suffering like you and they may know more about what you are going through then you might think.
No matter what, don't give up on yourself. And take care of your anxiety first... then worry about your other issues, because the anxiety is just going to make it all worse.
Keep us updates as to what the psychologist says.
Good luck, don't lose faith.
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i thank you for listening and taking the time for me. the anxiety is realy dibilitating and i don't know what to do with it. medicine only masks some of the symptoms and therapy has yet to help. i can't just lay down and listen to relaxing music (plus i like metal music) because i'm too high strung. it's almost impossible for me to even take a nap every once in a while. any suggestions for a high strung person? the psychologist doesn't seem to have the answers and i've delt with this since a car accident in 1992. that's when the severe irritable bowel syndrome started as well. i was slightly injured but i don't think the physical injury accounts for ibs, anxiety and panic-yes. at least i have a traumatic event i can associate with the onset of anxiety and panic and ibs, i need to tell my psychologist about that, i don't think i have yet. i've seen him for years but when i see him i draw a blank and don't want to deal with any issues so he thinks i'm doing o.k.. i have a long list of feelings for him this time to tell him what exactly i go thru, i usually don't but scratch the surface but if i keep a type of journal i think maybe he will understand just how severe my bipolar, anxiety and panic are. i'm also fighting disability (2years now) for my mental illness but pretending at doctor visits isn't getting me anywhere. my mom taught me to not make my problems someone elses' to deal with it on my own, and i tend to grossly underestimate my symptons and feelings. suicidal thoughts occupy a lot of my time but it's like, i want to crawl in a hole and die and be done with this all. my strong belief in god is the only reason i've never attempted suicide and never will. anyway thanks for listening! i'll keep you updated.  god bless
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Ok, my best advice to you, and you have to belive this, is that for therapy to work is that you have to be 100% HONEST!!! There is NO reason to keep your problems from your therapist...first off, you are paying him!!! Secondly, you are only hurting yourself by not facing the issues causing your anxiety and your suffering...
You need to truly WANT to get over this, and BELIEVE you can get better...
Do you exorcise...for many people, including myself, exorcise helps GREATLY reduce anxiety and stress.
As far as meds go...the right medications don't just "mask the symptoms"...the right medication, the meds that will work for you, they allow your brain to produce the right chemicals to allow you to function normally...but they won;t take away the reasons that cause anxiety, that is up to you...with therapy, and taking care of your body, and learning how to cope...
This IS something you can get control of...if you want it bad enough, you just have to stop coming up with reasons why it WON'T work, and bust your butt to get in control of it.
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