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GAD (General Anxiety Disorder)

Hi my name is Chris. 24 Male. I've had the perfect life. Nothing too extreme or devastating has happened to me. Never drank, did drugs nothing.

I have had a lot go on in the past 7 months.
My grandmother died from cancer... and my wife and I had a baby.

Even after my grandmother died, and having a new baby... I was okay.
I coped with it fine.

I work in the tourism industry.. working with tourists.. my job can be kinda stressful sometimes, but overall its pretty great! The money is awesome etc.! On the side I make short films.. and recently have had lots of success with my videos.. 3 of them were on the front page of myspace.com.

Just about 2 months ago.. I came home from work.. and felt sick. Like I had the flu. Nothing sounded good. I went to bed... couldnt really sleep. Felt panicky. The next couple of days I started getting up REALLY early and felt the need to pace around! I couldnt just sit still and relax. I knew it wasnt the flu.

After about a week of not getting any sleep and being so pacy, it was like i was on meth! (not that ive ever done that) I finally went to the Dr.

He said my heart was racing... and my blood pressure was a tad high.
He told me it was anxiety.
I explained everything and how I felt.
I told him about the night sweats, the bad butterflies in my stomach.

My wife was confused... she told the dr. "we all have anxiety.. why is chris like this?" The dr. told her that when a wolf is about to attack you, your body goes into panic mode... with me, theres no wolf. That was the best explanation I could ever hear.

Well he gave me lexapro.. and some larazopam to help.
I took 10mg the 1st night.. and I though it was making me gag.
(I think I was just thinking too much) He told me to take just take 5mg. So I did 5mg for about a month, and I started feeling normal again.. I went back to work. My appetite still wasnt 100% there but it finally came back. Well just about a week or so ago, I had this gland soar under my ear... and kept playing with it, and of course it got more soar... and of course I look it up online and look at all the worse scenarios. I thought I had cancer.

Went back to the dr. he told me I was fine, and I dont have cancer. He showed me my blood work he took 3 weeks ago and said everything was PERFECT. He listened to my heart, said it sounded great, he took my blood pressure and it was PERFECT.

Well just a couple days ago I started feeling the anxiety coming back.. and I havnt had an appetite again.

This morning I had a sweat in bed, the feeling of pins poking all over my body... and had cramps real bad.. due to my "bad butterflies" in my stomach. I upped myself to 10mg and I hope that will help. I'm gonna call my dr. tomorrow and let him know, but I dont think he'll have a problem with that.

Do you think this anxiety will ever go away? I never used to be like this!!!!
It just hit me!!! I did used to have panic attacks every now and then.. but I started to gain control of them... and havnt had one in a long time.

I know that I have a problem worrying about me worrying.. and its like a vicious cycle.
Fear or feeling this way = more anxiety and fear. Theres got to be a way to snap out of it... of course with the help of these meds. But I dont want to be on these meds forever!

Please someone respond. =)
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HI I know how you feel, exactly the same thing happened to me out of the blue, now my life seems to have disappeared.  I am on medication and it is making me really sick, I know its still early days yet, but everything is so out of control.  The goods news is that with medication and relaxation it is manageable although I am not at that point yet.  I have never been a good sleeper and thats a big part of the problem.  My psychologist tells me to see the fear and deal with it, I know it helps with the breathing exercises especially if you can feel a panic attack coming on. Medication is not designed to be taken forever its just part of the healing process.  I tried desperately to do it on my own which only made my anxiety so much worse in the end, now I am on 100mg of Luvox but my system is really fighting it, my doctor told me to cut in down to 50mg.  I will make a decision tonight before I take it.  Good luck hang in there, everyone tells me it gets better.
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Hey! Glad to hear I'm not the only one. My Dr. said that all of the stuff that recently happened  in the past 7 months of my life could of hit me now... just kinda snuck up on me. The pressure of being a new dad, losing my grandma, and being the only parent working. I may not be able to say "That's what's bothering me!" But it very well could be all of those together just creeping up on me... or my brain is just off balance really bad. lol. Right now at this moment, I'm feeling pretty good. Just talking about it makes me feel better, and realizing that its anxiety I think cures 50% of the problem. Anxiety is an evil thing! lol. I hope you get better! Sounds like youre on a lot higher dosage than I am.

I see you said you've always had a problem with sleeping, but me on the other hand, up until a couple of months ago, I NEVER had a problem sleeping. I loved sleeping! I could sleep for 12 hours at a time! lol. So its very strange. But I think I'm healing and I've got a great family thats very supportive. Although sometimes you have those family members who dont understand and keep saying things like "Oh its all in your head. Just quit worrying!". That's the worst thing to hear.

Well I hope to talk to ya again! Sounds like youre on your way to recovery! =)
And just keep saying that you are going to get better and you will. =)

Is it true your body can try an fight it off? Maybe that explains my gland getting soar.

Take care. =)
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I have experienced anxiety and depression. Recently I came to know that I had experienced similar symptoms when I was a child when I was prescribed hydrocodone by different doctors one as a capsules/syrup and another as ear drops. I developed anxiety, could not sleep, dreams scared me, felt generally scared, felt bad for all the bad things I had done in the past such as squabbling with my neighbour's 10 year old (I was 11years at the time :) It took me a long time to get past all this.

Im not even remotely comparing your case with mine, they might as well be very different but reading posts and others' experiences helped me and I just want to share some of what I did to help me with this problem.

1. Read a lot of on brain structure, brain chemicals incolved in moods etc etc. Try to let your family know that it is not all just emotional but there are physiological reasons for your condition.
2. Talk to yourself in the mirror, say everything is fine, that life couldnt be better.
3. Feel the anxiety leave when you shower through your fingers and toes.
4. Force yourself to laugh and jokes and non-jokes. You laugh when you are happy, conversely, you also feel happy when you laugh. Force yourself to laugh/smile for everything.
5. Over-eat and eat only nutritious food. Cut down on sugar, absolutely no alcohol, no tobacco, no coffee/tea, no chips, no soda.
6. Eat comfort foods. Apple, almonds, peanut butter, spinach, greens, salads, good-protein. Take a vitamin tablet. drink lots of water and juice.
7. Do things slowly on purpose. Dont walk down the stairs while putting on your shirt buttons, put on your shirt buttons, get dressed and then walk down the stairs. Do ONLY one thing at a time.
8. Exercise. Walk, sweat, life weights, bike.
9. It is winter now, get those few rays of sun on your face. Dont wear sunglasses if you dont really have to. Make your interior lights brighter.
10. Seek medical help from your doc and he may prescribe you some anxiety/mood tablets. My doc wanted to prescribed me those tablets without even listening to me completely, so I did not take that medication. But nothing wrong if you do. See a psychologist
11. Dont make money decisions that can wait. Remember, this is not the right time to donate!
12. Make a chart- compare your anxiety from a week earlier to now. One usually feeld the condition is persisting but if you really think a week from now, though some anxiety may remain (and make you feel like it is not improving) you will notice that it is not half as bad as when it started.
13. Dont sleep too much, even when you are not experiencing anxiety.

I am not trying to trivialize your feelings and I know first hand how difficult it may be to eat well and convince yourself to exercise and how difficult it would be to smile and talk to yourself in the mirror. Nor am I trying to pretend like an expert in this area. Im just trying to share what worked for me but certainly seek better people to help.

But, believe, believe, you will get better. It got better for me and it will get better for you!
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Nice to meet you...Chris..i have GAD ..so i know what you're going thru....it seems to me,this all started when your grandma pass away..and having your first child..btw good luck...when anxiety and stress builds up it could be for a few weeks ,months or years..nobody knows for sure...maybe to many things going on with your life all at once,sometimes the mind is overloaded.....you're young and  maybe you're thinking of the future..you know with a new baby,takes alot out of the parents...ok..when you feel you're getting stress out...one thing i do...get yourself a brown paper bag,and breath in and out into the bag..what we call venting..good luck...Nick.....
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Thank you for responding.

Yeah I've always seemed to be a worry wart since I was a little child. Everything bothered me more than it would your average joe. I was always worrying about dieing or a tornado coming when the weather got bad. But my grandpa was like that too. Always a worrier. And I think it does run in the family and it can be genetic. But I also do believe it can be controlled.

I will take your advice! And try those 13 steps! =)

I appreciate it.

May I ask, were you medicated at all at any time?
And if you were, how long were you medicated, and how did you taper off.
I hear that your anxiety can come back 10X worse if you come off your
meds. But then again, when a worry wart like me reads something like that
It gets transplanted in my head pretty easily.

I'm gonna look into natural ways to cure anxiety and natural supliments to help
seritonin.. while I go off my meds at some point.

Talk to ya later! Thanks again for listening! =)

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Hey Nick! Thanks for the response! Im actually doing REALLY REALLY good now! I dont know if its the lexapro or what... but it doesnt matter.. I'm feeling back to my good old self again. =) I'm thinking about going off the lexapro already since my work is letting me take a month off this january. work gets really slow here in my town in january. tourism industry. but im also worried what if my anxiety comes back after coming off of it? see.. there i go again worrying haha. maybe ill just stay on it for a while. =) peace out! nice to meet you!


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It doesn't make sense when it hits you out of nowhere like that. I feel for ya man-looking for reasons and all you get is an anti-depressant and a benzo. One minute your fine and bam the next minute your not. It really makes no sense but it is happening to so many people all the time.
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sorry to hear about you,its hard to over come anxeity.but you can!!
i was interrested in where your cramps where located and how sever?
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After about one year on my blood pressure medication, my BP rate was normal.  So I said to the doctor - now that my blood pressure is normal, I won't need to take my medication any more.  Her reply - you will need to continue taking the medication.  The fact your BP rate is normal tells me the medication is working.  I suspect the same is true with your SSRI.  If I am correct, when the medication is too high or the wrong prescription (or you don't need it anymore), you will feel agitated and hyper.  So, if you are planning to lower your dose, you really need to discuss this with your doctor.  Going off some SSRI's too quickly or too soon can cause very negative and unpleasant side effects.
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