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Hello, I just started on this forum, so please forgive me if I don't make sense. I just got off 6-8 up to 10 a day 7.5 vicodins. This is the 3rd time I have done this, so I am ready to admit I am an addict. I have been clean now 10 days, and will never touch the stuff again. My doc has put me on buspar to help with the anxiety associated with withdrawal. Anyway, in the middle of this I got switched to the new generic lexapro, not the celexa, but the new one. I post quite a bit in the addiction community, and they have heard this, but I have a question about this. With the 10 mgs of lexapro my anxiety was always kept in check and I felt pretty good. Now I am not sleeping, dry heaving every morning, not eating or sleeping. I was just wondering if you guys have heard anything about this new generic lexapro.
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I have found the generic Lexapro to be very good, and have only heard the usual side effects that all AD's have.  But you should mention this to your doctor and see what he says.  This all could be from your withdrawal or a combination of both, but you need to let your doctor know what is going on, if just for your peace of mind.  Good luck in getting off the Vicodin, I wish you all the best.
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I recently started on the generic Lexapro in April and found it not to be as good as the brand Lexapro.  I had taken the brand Lexapro off and on for 10 years with absolutely no side affect, except for diaherra the first 2 weeks.  I've found that the generica Lexapro gave me headaches, made me more anxious and now for the past 2 weeks I can not sleep straight through the night without getting up every hour.  I'm trying to wean myself off it as I can't go without sleep with a toddler.  I wish I could go back on the brand Lexapro but my insurance says it will be $75 now because the generic is available.
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