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Gastritis induced heart phobia and panic attacks

Hi, I am 31, Male and I had my first panic attack last year in March-15, I was enjoying with my friends at the hotel and was drinking then suddenly it came out of blue my heart was beating very fast and hard and was feeling wave after wave of fear, I rushed to the nearest doctor and he gave me some medicine which i didn't take.

I can't remember how many times I went to toilet. I was taking omeprazol and my stomach was very tight before having panic attack next day I had to admit in hospital because I thought I can have a heart attack any time but nothing found on reports.

Before that day I was a very normal person with positive attitude but my life has been totally changed since now feel following symptoms which makes me very nervous and panicky.

1.Nasty chest pains (main source of my anxiety)  
2.Body pain everywhere and occurs randomly
3.Muscle twitching in legs, neck, arms etc.
4.Extremly nervous after drinking alcohol
5.Weight loss
6.Head spinning
7. Nervousness while driving

And the list goes on which I am to unable explain. I think this is not in my head it is in my stomach because I have gastritis.

Suggestions are much appreciated thanks

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I male 29 living here in the Philippines and you know what, I have been waiting and expecting here in this forum to come across with someone  with a really similar to what i had experience last year which definitely same month as you experienced your first symptoms. O well just I have been living in a negative atmosphere for a year now. This all begun after my friend and previous co-worker died because of heart attack. It was the trigger point of my anxiety. I kept thinking that it might happen to me as well. Everyday I always had panic attack until it cost me a vowel syndrome that ends up to gastroenteritis. Because of this I was rushed to the er and found out that my potassium came down because of gastro. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and was thinking and can't believe that it was gastro until i decided to go to a cardiologist and had me checked and done some tests that came back normal. But that doesn't ease my mind until now I'm still experiencing heavy anxiety and panic attack. All the symptoms you wrote are the same as mine. Honestly as of now I feel a stubbing pain in my left chest. But you know what I   somehow this helped me. Coz I realized that I need to live my life in full with my family and friends. They are making me strong especially my daughter and wife.

God is good!
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Hi Dear

My trigger point was exectly the same, a 30 Year old boy lived nearby my house died of heart attack,  i was thinking insanly about him and after two days on a vacation I had my first panic attack and you won't believe that no heart related test is left to be considered like Ekg, echocardiography, TMT, Blood test and finally CT angiography and all came back negative... big LOL.

I have spent lots of money since then and but now I came to understand that this is not my heart but gastritis and alcohol.

But honestly I am still thinking about my heart, it doesn't matter if the pain or tingling happens in fingers or anywhere I relate every pain to my heart, I feel my heart beat while lying down or while sitting. shooting, nasty chest pains are the worst one. I also have pre-drinking anxiety.

I have two beautiful kids and caring wife, well I hope someday I will be happy again as I was before.

Me too! It's really hard. Ive been looking for happiness that I had before anxiety happened.
Hi Dukha how are you feeling now. Have you found Anything helpful for anxiety. Mine is getting bad now.
Hi Dumpty,

You Know what. Thank God I can control my anxiety now. And honestly through the help of prayers I can make it through the day wthout anxiety attack.  But still have anxiety attack. Hoping that you'll be able to get through it. I know it's hard but we have to do this. It is not part of our life to begin with.
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