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Generalised social anxiety phobia

I am currently 17 years on in a pre-france program. Ever since i could remember i have been plague by one form of anxiety disorder called generalised social anxiety disorder. Since that i had taken this program i realized that i only have two option either i have to fight or flight(literally). I opted to fight. so i start to investigate certain information on anxiety relieve and realise that certain herbs such as green tea and also anti-anxiety medication can work on reliving anxiety.More investigation lead me to realise that anti-anxiety medicine can cause severe addiction and also need prescription by doctor to obtain. Therefore i cross out this option and further investigation lead me to certain anti-anxiety vitamin such as magnesium and calcium and also certain extract of herbs in the form of pills, tablets and powder that work well with anxiety and have little or no side effect, such extract are suntheanine and passion flower (and some other things that i couldn't remember). One of the product that uses this extract are seredyn. But buying these product require credit card(on the internet) which i don't have given that i am 17 years old and the local pharmacy on malaysia does not have this product(They don't even know what is it!!). So i ended up with a few green tea product (the one that you put hot water in to drink). Since that suntheanine is the extract of green tea which the substance that are extract is called l-theanine. But only 99% of pure l-theanine will work. So i need to drink six to seven cups to feel any if there is any effect at all of calm and tranquility.

Therefore i am currently at a loss at what i should to. My option are limited given that i am only 17 years old. I don't wish to tell my familly. I couldn't see any doctor or psychiatrist.

What can i do??????
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i understand your concern of seeing a doctor. Un fortunately i do not know where you can get the suntheanine...but continue to drink that if it even helps you slightly.

My doctor has me on Buspar. This is a non-addictive anti-anxiety medicine. It works wonders for me.  You should be able to see a physician without your family knowing at this point. However Why not tell them? Get some support from them. Perhaps they are not understanding on certain things . I do not know. But, get the support you can from friends and loved ones you trust. Ok?

Good luck!
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