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Getting out of jury duty?

It's me again. A couple of weeks ago I got a summons for jury duty. I forgot about it and found it again yesterday. I am supposed to report to the courthouse on Monday. I had been meaning to call my psychiatrist and did not do so until yesterday. I asked them to write me an excuse because I have really bad anxiety when I feel trapped, and lord knows one is trapped if on a jury. I was on jury duty back when I was a teenager, around 20 years ago and I loved it, but now I don't think I could take it.

Psychiatrist's office hasn't called back or anything.

Any advice?
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I agree completely with caregiver.  In my area, if you "blow off" jury duty, they send you a warning letter that you must reply within 10 days, or a warrant could be issued.  I'm sure it's probably similar in most jurisidictions, however, I wouldn't take a chance.  

Your best bet is to show up and the courthouse and explain the situation.  I'm sure they will release you, and if they want some kind of documentation from your psych, they will probably give you a certain time frame to produce it.  They may not even require paperwork.  

You should have handled this right away, to avoid all of this last minuite confusion, both for yourself, or the court system.

Good luck!
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Go to the courthouse on Monday with or without a letter. In some jurisdictions failure to report results in an automatic warrant for arrest. Explain the situation and I am sure you will be immediately released without service. They will generally accept a faxed document. The time to request exemption was when you received the letter. You aren't going to go to jail, but it is best to stay out of the computers.
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If they have a secretary, you could always drop by today and see if you can just pick up the letter.  Otherwise, give them another call.
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