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Gettring off Cymbalta

I was put on Cymbalta after a Stroke 10 years ago, left me with nerve pain down my left leg. I may have become dependent on it for calming anxiety and occasional depression. But there are some herbs I want to take now and cannot as long as I am on Cymbalta. Also, I was put on Lyrica at the same time which is what actually stopped my nerve pain primarily.

How quickly can I get off Cymbalta? Any suggestions?  I am now taking a 30MG dose at night of Cymbalta ). If I take more than 30mg  it makes me fatigued and depressed, unless I get depressed because of some circumstance for which I can take 60 until I am normal again.

I am also taking 75mg of Lyrica, once a day at night. I used to take 150 and had no problem going to 75. How can I get off of it too? Should I do both tofether or one at a time? Which one to start with??
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You're right, Cymbalta probably wasn't the right med for you at the time, as depression wasn't a chronic debilitating problem.  Neurontin or Lyrica would have been much more appropriate for you nerve pain, as would have certain exercises and stretches that might have relaxed the source of the pain.  It's also not the best anxiety treatment, as it's actually quite a stimulating med.  It is approved for certain pain control, but like Lyrica, it doesn't solve the problem, it just makes you not care about it as much, but much more indirectly than Lyrica.  But this is a very difficult class of medication to stop using, and you've been on it for a long time, so this is something you need to do as slowly as you need to.  You won't know how difficult it will be until you start a taper off of it -- you don't do this drug quickly, that's asking for a lot of possible trouble -- and if it goes easily, you're home free.  If it goes moderately, you might have a bit of trouble for a couple of weeks.  If it goes badly, it might take a long time to quit.  Just be prepared to do it at a pace that suits you and don't let your doctor push you to some preset schedule.  Psychiatrists generally are a lot better at this than regular docs, though that's not universally true.  You can tell by how individually they treat you.  Good luck.
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