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Give Yourselves Credit/Have a Great Weekend!

I often get many PMs about people feeling down on themselves during this process of dealing with anxiety and panic.  While it is one of the toughest challenges anyone can face, everyone in this forum is doing it and for that give yourself a huge pat on the back.  I know it is not easy, nor is it very fun losing ones self-identity and self-worth during these trying times, but do not discount progress.  Progress can sometimes be gauged in very minute measurements like posting questions/concerns in this forum, getting out of bed, completing normal and everyday tasks that can seem daunting, etc.  Remember, as in life, there are ups and downs in working through this.  By choosing to confront this, you have already earned my respect and a HUGE pat on the back.  Have a GREAT weekend!
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hope you have a good weekend to, you have come so far and im sure each and every one of us will continue to make progress for everyone: there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel
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Agreed.  I think that all too often we get caught up in all the things that we "can't" do , that we forget how many obstacles we overcome and positives that occur every single day.  I was feeling down last night when I took my medication, because I read in Reader's Digest that people on psych meds are much harder to insure.  Not that I am looking for insurance, but reading that made me feel like people who take medication like me must be considered "unstable" to the rest of the world. But then I had to remind myself of the fact that I  am a good person, who goes to work every single day, who makes a difference in the lives of countless college students, and who is actually a very snesitive and empathetic person BECAUSE of my issues with anxiety & depression.  And this applies to many of you, as well.

So...let's enjoy the weekend as best we can...as I recently heard the saying, "Everyone dies, but not everyone lives"
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