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Going back on Paxil

Hey there,I just had a question.Has any of you ever taken paxil for at least a year?I was on it for over a year,a few years ago and honestly it really did help my anxiety.The only reason I had got off of it was because my insurance was cancelled.Now that I have it again Im thinking of going back on it.What I was wondering was if there is something better then paxil out there that anyone knows about or should I just tell my doctor that worked for me..I just am concerned about taking yet another pill daily for a long period of time.At least with the xanex I dont have to take it everyday...only as needed(it doesnt really work for me anyway) ...so..any ideas that could help would be very much appreciated!
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It depends on the person; with meds like Paxil, it is sometimes trial and error before you find the right one.  I have been on Zoloft in the past and went back on it after a year or so.  Both times, it was for about a year even though I felt/feel great.  Most docs want you to stay on it for that time.  It sounds like it worked before and that you tolerated it well, which is a good thing in my opinion.  Keep us posted!
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I was on Paxil for 3 years and went off it to have my first child.  I think it stopped working for me. I went on it after having the baby and I just had to keep increasing my dosage.  Finally I am on Celexa and feel normal.  Aside from panic attacks, of course, which I do still have.  
Just talk to your doctor about how you feel on the medicine and go from there.
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