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Going out anxiety?

If i make plans with friends to go out somewhere, say for example if it's in a week time, i will not stop thinking about it until the day, and feel like i have a stomach ache and get nervous and wanna vomit. During the anticipation until the day, it feels like i have to get something over with, iv'e never been relaxed and thought of it as fun, everything from friends, dates, etc. How do i get over this feeling of "it'll be over soon" and into "can't wait for it" they're not just nervous feelings that i understand everyone has - they're of fear, mainly for no apparent cause.
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this prevents me from eating in restaurants
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You have a chronic anxiety problem.  This is what anxiety is like -- if you avoid doing things you stop doing things and if you do things you get nervous about it.  I'd suggest getting into therapy with a psychologist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety (most don't) and learn some relaxation techniques in the meantime until you figure out if you can learn to think differently, such as exercise and meditation.
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