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Going to the gym?

I just want some opinions or advice about this question. Well, I haven't gone to the gym in quite some time because I really dread the process of getting in. It's super easy but I always get horrible anxiety about it. Gym members like myself own a little plastic barcode that attaches to my car keys. To get into the gym, you have to scan your barcode on the scanner which is on the front desk where there is usually a person sitting behind. I get really nervous whether I'm supposed to say hello or not, but I usually just pretend I don't see them. Not because I'm rude, although I know that's probably the way it comes off, but because I'm nervous and don't really know how to act. If they don't greet me before I get to the scanner, I get really anxious and then I don't know if I'm supposed to say hello or what. I don't know if I should look at them or what. And there's been times where my barcode doesn't scan the first time and I get embarrassed about it. The worker behind the desk will be staring at me until I get it to scan and I'm so anxious during all of this. I just wish I could walk in without having to encounter anyone. When I finally pass that first part it's fine and I can do my own thing. Everyone is working out doing their own thing so that doesn't bother me because we're all there for the same reason. It's just that first little thing that really gets to me..
Any advice at all?
I know this is really ridiculous, but I can't help it.
Thank you.
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Ask him or her to scan your card on the scanner.  He or she is probably bored out of his/her wits, and would be glad of something to do.
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