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Good Anxiety-Coping Book?

Hello All.

I was wondering if anyone could reccomend an anxiety book that helped them out a lot.

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I personally haven't read any books but many people on this site have given good reviews to any books by Claire Weeks....hope this helps.
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Hope And Help For Your Nerves by Claire Weeks
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I got that book on Amazon for like 6 bucks.  Definitely worth it.
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I agree---Hope & Help is an awesome book (I bought it super cheap online after seeing it recommended on here so much).  I also have found the Anxiety & Phobia Workbook by Bourne to be insightful.  
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Yeah I also purchased a Panic Attack workbook which was/is very helpful.  I haven't been working with it lately....bad Amish.
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When Panic Attacks by Dr Áine Tubridy

You get a cd with this book that takes you through breathing techniques and also included is a relaxation talk through as well. I'm sure it can be bought online. I got it from the author here in Ireland. One class book.
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Hi, Mike!
The ONLY book that EVER did a thing for me is "Hope and Help For Your Nerves" by Dr. Claire Weekes!
I have GAD and it can be awful to deal with. Thankfully I'm doing much better. Something that has also helped me is Taurine. I am convinced that it has helped me greatly!
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These are really good:

"Hope And Help For Your Nerves" by Claire Weekes
"Triumph Over Fear" Jerilyn Ross
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Thanks everyone!!
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Wow, if I had had "Hope and Help for your Nerves" when my anxiety first started I would have been a different person...I don't get any heart anxiety anymore but I used to get it terribly and this book is great for that!! However, still, an amazing book thats been helping me!!
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Any of the books by Claire Weeks are wonderful!
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The Anxiety & Phobia workbook by Edmund Bourne has helped me tremedously.  Very informative.  I enjoyed how the workbook helped me find the cause of my anxiety, and how to work through them on a daily basis, at the end of each chapter, a person keeps a journal of improvements, answering questions, etc.....  

I was surprised to find out how much anxiety relates back to my childhood, upbringing etc....  The workbook taught me to identify my own personality.    

Through the workbook, I discovered I was a perfectionist, any part of my life that is out of perfection causes anxiety.  

I will need to check out the other books people have shared.  

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"At Last A Life" by Paul David.  His book is very easy to read and to the point.

Hope this helps!!
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