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Good news - advice

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to let you all know some progress i have made with my anxiety and the methods i am using, I know alot of have been dealing with anxiety for awhile now, but hopefully this will be of some help to the ones who are having trouble managing.

I was diagnosed with Anxiety awhile back, around 3 months, i have been suffering it for about 6-8 months, and even slightly before unnoticed.

I was getting constant headspins, and i lost so much motivation, i worried about anything and everything, i was substance abusing alcohol, clubbing and drinking 3-4 nights a week, I was bottling everything up and not telling my friends, family and partner any issues, or anything that was upsetting me.

I was getting so many symptoms, i didn't know what to do, i went on a holiday to QLD australia and ended up in hopsital by myself, freaking out thinking i was dying, i sent myself into a few major fits, hyperventalating and really just overthinking everything.

Once diagnosed, i confided in one of my best mate, I let everything out, my feelings, my fears, my dreams, you name it i said it. My friend was shocked, he said i hid my anxiety very well, he had no idea i was so stressed, he was aware i had lost my job, and i had lost motivation but his words were "I just thought you wold come back once you got a new job" but this time, there was no coming back for me that easy.

I don't like to take medications, i don't like swallowing tablets haha. so that is why i have taken other methods.

First thing i did was sat down with my Mum, my mate and my partner and spoke about everything, i then wrote down exactly what my spmtoms were, and we discussed what causes them, For instance, fatigue and cloudy eyes were my symptoms of Insomnia and everyone knows anxiety causes sleep deprecation, So we set up a plan for me to be able to go to bed at a decent hour.

They ways i acheived this were

- Ate before 7pm
- Had a bath / shower an hour before i was ready for bed
- Had a cup of warm milk or camomile tea an hour before bed
- ensured my room was dark (however this seemed to be an issue for me personally, so i then had to get a lamp)
- Refrained from using electrical devices such as TV's and computers an hour before bed
- restricted lighting after 8pm to ensure i was wired down and sleepy by 9

This was a constant struggle for about a week, i was still scared and anxious of sleeping, but i managed to win it over and to my suprise, atleast 4 symptoms dissapeard

The next thing was my lack of motivation and my fear of being in large areas
I acheived this by

- Ensuring my diet was in order, i changed my diet completly, ensured i was eating proper amounts of food and drinking the right amounts of water on a daily basis. (Again, this was extremly hard, it took alot of will power to eat, evan when i was not hungry)
- I was already a member of a gym and so i began going on a daily basis or missing no more then two days in a row
You would not beleive, but doing this really helped with my fear of large places, it gave me a massive ego boost, espically when i noticed i had been loosing weight and toning my body

The gym, or any physical exercise release endorhins in your body that help you sleep at night also. it was a great way of meeting people also

- Began my job hunt, and would not take no for an answer, when someone would reject me, i would ask questions such as "Why was i not succesfull?" or "if i had present a more updated CV would that have helped my application?".. The answers are not that bad, and it was mostly just the fact that someone had more experience then myself, so i was upsetting myself over nothing, the feedback i got helped me to better myself in the next interview, and i am now back working full time in managment.

- Changed my lifestyle, instead of going out (i am 23) i decided it was time i hosted some events, such as BBQS and movie nights, even playing board games (Playing the board geames helped with my concetration issues)

the next week, i was doing 100% better, my energy levels were back and my physical appearance was better, my ego was lifted and my felt healthy.

One thing that i have not fixed is my constant tiredness, however, it is no where near as bad as it was, and it is slowly but surely subsiding.

Other thigns i did was got a herbal remedy called "Rescue remidy" This helps relax you when you begin to get stressed, it would be good for people afraid of large areas. there is no restriction to how much you can take, and it helps majorly. it is used in a lot of hospitals with people suffering anxiety and panic attacks.

I have also ensured i get a message and do relaxing activities like swimming / floating and spend time in the sun at the beach, or going out to lunch at cafe's and such.

While i am not completly better, it is good to know that each and every symptom is treatable in its own way, and that there are ways to make it sumside, i don't think i have long to go now before i will be better.

this site has really helped me to understand symptoms, and it has been good to know that i am not the only sufferer.

I really hope that this information has helped atleast one of you, your feedback is appreciated, and any inbox messages with questions or anyone seeking advice is welcome.

i am not a doctor, but i believe i have been through the worst of my anxiety, and i know i can come back from it.
my Phcologist is that proud of me she wants me to make a speech at a convention. but i don't think i am ready for that yet :)

Remeber though, everyone is different, what works for one, will not work for all, but a healthy body = a healthy mind and no matter what the lifetyle choice, symptom or issues may be, the more you think about it, the less you can change it.

<3 much respect to the people who deal with this, i know it is not easy, but i also know, that we are probably the strongest people out there, because some of these symptoms, are some of the most frightening things we will ever face.
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This is great news! I'm glad to hear you're doing so well.
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You were suffering situational depression, not a chronic problem that most of us on here have.  The anxiety was probably secondary to the depression.  And your treatment and the fact you were able to do it on your own shows that.  Basically, you did CBT on yourself, but it doesn't necessarily translate to those of us who have this problem on a chronic basis for no known reason at all.  Congrats to you for doing what's so hard -- just doing something positive for yourself.  
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And I should add, this is why I'm always so cautious about medication -- most people don't need it, it's sold to them.  Only chronic conditions that don't respond to anything else need medication.  Good for you for realizing this.
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