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HEALTH ANXIETY! Small hard pea sized lump on mastoid muscle!

So i have had a slight obsession over finding all of my lymph nodes lately. I found one on the side of my neck and it is small and soft and moveable so I did not think much of it. Now the other day I found a hard small fixed lump on my mastoid muscle behind my right ear but I am not sure if I have had this always or if it just arised. I have been having slight ear pain for about a month now in my right ear and I went to an ENT and he said it was from allergies. Now after finding this lump I'm so scared it could be causing my pain and that it could be something serious. I would appreciate any advice or if someone has had this before let me know. I am so nervous and googling is making me even more scared thinking it might be cancer.
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Please any help/advice would be great.
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