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HELP I used tap water on my neti pot

Around a week ago, my husband and I had a pretty bad cold and sinus problems. So he got a neti pot to help with that. He prepared it and we both used it. He used tap water and he didn't boil it. Just warmed it on the microwave. Later on I did some research and found out about the brain eating amoebas that live in the water and I am terrified, to the point that I can't even sleep. Does anyone else know of someone who has done this? Help, please I'm freaking out!
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Stop freaking out.  Tap water is the safest water you can drink for that purpose, whatever it is you're talking about there with amoebas.  The main thing about a Netty pot is to use salt water, and the type of salt might be important.  Unless there is an alert in your area you don't have to boil tap water.  You boil water when an alert has been issued, whether it's well water, spring water, or tap water, because it's gotten contaminated.  That's why they put all that chlorine in tap water.  Now, whether it's truly safe to drink or not is a different story, but in this case, you're worrying over nothing.  Brain eating amoebas?
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Oh my goodness.  I am thinking that it is highly unlikely your water is contaminated with brain eating amoebas.  My husband uses tap water unboiled frequently with his neti pot for a chronic sinus issue.  His brain is intact.  (I think . . ha ha).  Do you suffer this type of anxiety and over the top, catastrophic thinking frequently?
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That does reassure me, thank you! And no, not at all! That's what makes it even worst, I am not one to worry about things in this way!
Oh, well I'm glad to hear that!  It is hard to have a lot of extreme fear and worry.  So, glad that info helped.  Really, never thought of tap water as bad for the sinus process my husband goes through.  And he is definitely an example of no issues happening because of it.  :>)  Hopefully the water in your tap is also considered safe in general.  Depending on where you live, it should be.  
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