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HELP! What can I take with my meds to help my sex drive?

Hello everyone,  I need so advice on what I can do or take to help increase my sex drive.  I am 31 yrs old and take a 100mg of Sertraline (a generic for Zoloft) everyday and I have no sex drive.  My husband is understanding but getting impatient!  I am even getting impatient!!  I don't want to switch meds because these work for me.  I am wondering if anyone has the same problem and what they are doing to help them.  Are there any supplements I can take with these meds to help?  
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My psychiatrist put me on celexa two months ago and explained that if the medication negatively affected my sex drive, then she could do what she does for most patients in such cases: prescribe welbutrin. Welbutrin is one of the few anti-depressants that does not cause a loss in sex drive. Even if you're on another SSRI, you can take a small dose of welbutrin on top of that to counteract the loss of sex drive.
            I'd ask your doctor about this. I was once on welbutrin and I can safely say that I had no problem sexually. Good luck.
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Bella, did you find something that worked for you?

I am on Celexa and it has gotten rid of my sexdrive. I tried switching to wellbutrin but it did not interact with my body very well so I could not use it. Does anyone know anything else that may work?
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